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Installing a French Drain by itself or as part of a Drainage System is a very fulfilling aspect of my job as owner of CMG Sprinklers and Drains.  Many times Drainage Problems have caused damage to homes or businesses.  Understandably the owners are stressed an unhappy.  Over the years French Drain installation has solved a broad range of problems caused by “Standing Water.”  French Drains have removed water from home foundations and stopped further water damage.  French Drains have protected and enhanced driveways and sidewalks.  French Drain Installation has also removed Standing Water from flowerbeds and yards that weren’t level.  Once we even solved a water flow problem where a customer in Chickasha had water tear off their garage door and take out the back wall of the garage.  A Double 6 inch French Drain across the hillside above the driveway solved the problem.  Providing piece of mind and safety to property is satisfying.  French Drain Installation Provides this!

French Drain Running Through Low Areas

French Drain Running Through Low Areas

CMG Sprinklers and Drains also installs new Sprinkler Systems and provides expert Sprinkler Repair.   Many times Sprinkler System Installation is a luxury where as French Drain Installation is a necessity!

French Drain with colored river rock along foundation

French Drain with colored river rock along foundation


Today we installed a small four-inch French Drain in Oak Ridge Village Apartments in Midwest City.  Water was moving down the hill and hitting the wall of a downstairs unit.  Water penetrated the wall and flooded the unit each time it rained.  CMG installed a 4 inch French Drain along the wall in front of  the Apartment.  Once the French Drain was installed, 4 inch solid Drain Pipe was connected to the down hill end of the French Drain.  From there we ran the Solid Drain Pipe 20 feet to a Pop-Up Emitter on the sidewalk.  Drainage Problem solved by a 4 inch French Drain.  French Drains are a great way to keep water from getting under walls or into foundations.

Popup Emitter to release water from a Drainage System in Yukon.

Popup Emitter to release water from a Drainage System in Yukon.


CMG Services Yukon, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Mustang, Moore, Midwest City and all surrounding areas.

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