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Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair 405 203 9419

We Install Drainage Systems to fit various needs for home owners an businesses.  A Drainage System, can utilize French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains or Sump Pumps as the intake part to the Drainage System.  The Drain or Sump Pump brings water into the Drain Pipe.  The Drain pipe takes the water to the ” Exit.”  Which is Either a “Curb Outlet” or a “ Pop Up Emitter.”

Gutter to French Drain

Connecting Gutter to French Drain

The Three parts of A Drainage System are:   THE  INTAKE ( French Drain or Surface Drain ) etc.  The TRANSITION ( The Drain Pipe ) which can be many sizes or type. The EXIT ( A Curb Outlet or Pop Up Emitter )

new curb outlet

Curb outlet with more than 6 inches of fall

new curb outlet

Curb Outlet as an Exit Point for a French Drain in Edmond

The Drainage part of our company name means that we solve water problems for people in Oklahoma.  Heavy rain is becoming more common.  Back in 1993 when I first started, a hard rain was considered to be about an Inch per/hour.  It was fairly rare but not too uncommon.  Today things are different.  A weather report of rain fall at or above 4 inches per/hour was not uncommon in 2019.  Excess water causes all types of damage to property both residential and commercial.

Our Drainage Systems drain water away from places you don’t want it to be.  You might have water standing along the foundation of your house, or inside your basement.  You might have water on your driveway or flowerbed too.

Designing a French Drain or a Drainage System

When I talk to a potential customer while doing a Drainage System estimate, I take a lot of things into consideration.  First I have the Customer show me where water is standing or where it is going that it shouldn’t.  This is part of defining the specific problem area.  Sometimes the Water Problem Area is larger and more involved than the customer realizes.  Once the Water Problem Area is clearly defined,  the next step is to determine how the water is getting to the problem area.  Many times there is more than one Water Source to the Water Problem area.  A big mistake in Drainage System Design is to stop once the most obvious  Water Source is found.  A Drainage System Designer must be a detective to some degree.  For Example:  Water running down the hill and onto the back patio might be the most obvious water source.  Sub-surface water or a neighbor’s new gutter downspout could also be contributing.  Most of the time water gets into the problem area from more than one source.

This is a good place for a French Drain

A good place for a French Drain


Sump pump install

Sump Pump installation



Oklahom Drainage and Sprinkler Repair 

405 203 9419

channel drain driveway

Channel Drain set in Driveway

Specializing in: (1)  Sprinkler Repair.  (2)  Sprinkler System Redesign and Makeover.  (3)  French Drains, Surface Drains, and Channel Drains.  (4)  Basement Drains, Sump Pumps, and Gutter to Drain Connections.  Servicing: Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Mid West City, Del City, Yukon, Mustang, Blanchard, Purcell, and Edmond.   Free Estimates

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair — Installing – French Drains – Surface Drains – Channel Drains – Sump Pumps

Providing Expert Sprinkler RepairBroken Sprinkler Pipes Sprinkler Head AdjustmentSprinkler Valve Replacement

Servicing all of Central and Western Oklahoma since 1993.



Norman Sprinkler Repair 

Recently we had a customer in Norman who had some trouble with a sprinkler head that was leaking at the base.  There was mulch all around the sprinkler head and when the system ran it blew mulch all over the sidewalk.  This is a typical Sprinkler Repair and occurs quite often.  It took us about 15 minutes to fix.  We also moved several Sprinkler Heads that weren’t in the best places.  Moving sprinkler heads is a common practice for Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair –  Expert Sprinkler Repair for all Residential Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Emergency Service – After hours and Weekends



walk way drain

French Drain across walkway


Finished French Drain

Completed French Drain under walk way

We service all of Central and Western Oklahoma

Since 1993 we have:

Fixed leaking sprinkler pipes in Edmond

Replaced Sprinkler Valves in Norman

Adjusted Sprinkler Heads In Oklahoma City

Installed A New Back Flow Valve In Lawton 

and over 2000 other Sprinkler Repairs in Central and Western Oklahoma.

Broken Sprinkler Head took about an hour to fix.

Sprinkler Repair is an ongoing issue for any sprinkler sy

Moving sprinkler valves also is a service that we provide.  It takes a lot more expertise and experience to move sprinkler valves.  There are many reasons that sprinkler valves and sprinkler heads may need to me moved.  Driveways can be added or new landscaping may be installed.  We can redesign any residential sprinkler system Moving Sprinkler Valves, Sprinkler Heads, Sprinkler Pipes, and Sprinkler Wiring is what it takes.

Just like a home or a car, a Sprinkler System requires repair or adjustment from time to time.  We at Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair, take great pride in the Sprinkler Repair Services that we provide.  In almost 27 years of service,We have solved virtually every Sprinkler Repair Problem possible.


We solve Sprinkler Repair Problems that other companies can’t handle.  If you live in Oklahoma City and have Broken Sprinkler Heads, or if you live in Norman and have Leaking Sprinkler Valves, or if you live in Edmond and your Sprinkler Controller quit working, give us a call or send us an

Lawn Sprinkler Repair is one of our business focuses.   We can help with:

1. Sprinkler Controller Problems

2. Leaking Back-Flow Valves

3. Leaking Sprinkler Pipes

4.  Shorted or disconnected valve wires

5. Sprinkler Zones or Sprinkler Stations that won’t work

6. Broken Sprinkler Heads

The above are the most common problems that we deal with.


Sprinkler Controller

New Sprinkler Controller installed

cutting concrete for channel drain

Cutting Driveway for Channel Drain

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