French Drain Installed in Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Moore, Midwest City

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French Drain or Surface Drain? So you have water in a place in your home or business that is causing a problem.  Maybe you have water standing on your sidewalk or leaking into your air conditioning ducts.  You might have water running under your garage door and flooding your garage.  You might have standing water that kills grass or plants in your yard.  There are an endless number of possible water drainage issues. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has provided solutions for water drainage problems since 1993. We utilize French Drains and many types of Surface Drains to solve all types of Residential and Small Business water problems.  We also install Sump Pumps when water can not be drained from the problem area. As of January 2021 we have provided service for 5467 customers in Oklahoma.  Our service area includes all of Central and Western Oklahoma.  We will service other areas of Oklahoma by special appointment. There is never any cost for us to come and look at your water problems.

connecting down spout

Connecting Gutter Down Spout to French Drain Under Sidewalk

The Drainage part of our company name means that we solve water problems for people in Oklahoma.  Heavy rain is becoming more common.  Back in 1993 when I first started, a hard rain was considered to be about an Inch per/hour.  It was fairly rare but not too uncommon.  Today things are different.  A weather report of rain fall at or above 4 inches per/hour was not uncommon in 2019.  Excess water causes all types of damage to property both residential and commercial.

Our Drainage Systems drain water away from places you don’t want it to be.  You might have water standing along the foundation of your house, or inside your basement.  You might have water on your driveway or flowerbed too.

Designing a French Drain or a Drainage System

When I talk to a potential customer while doing a Drainage System estimate, I take a lot of things into consideration.  First I have the Customer show me where water is standing or where it is going that it shouldn’t.  This is part of defining the specific problem area.  Sometimes the Water Problem Area is larger and more involved than the customer realizes.  Once the Water Problem Area is clearly defined,  the next step is to determine how the water is getting to the problem area.  Many times there is more than one Water Source to the Water Problem area.  A big mistake in Drainage System Design is to stop once the most obvious  Water Source is found.  A Drainage System Designer must be a detective to some degree.  For Example:  Water running down the hill and onto the back patio might be the most obvious water source.  Sub-surface water or a neighbor’s new gutter downspout could also be contributing.  Most of the time water gets into the problem area from more than one source.

This is a good place for a French Drain

This is a good place for a French Drain

Next you must decide where to take the water.  This is determining an Exit Point for the Drainage System.  If possible you want your exit point to be down hill from the problem area.  If it is up hill in all directions from the problem area, then the only solution is a Sump Pump.

Once an exit Point is determined, you must ask yourself if there is any way to install two exit points.  Usually this can only work when an exit point can work on both ends of a Drainage System.  The benefit of two Exit Points in a Drainage System is it greatly increases the water capacity for the Drainage System.  It can move much more water faster during a heavy rain than a system with just one Exit Point.  Most Drainage Systems can only utilize one Exit Point.  In 21 years of Drainage System Installation,  I would say 10% of our Drainage Systems have two Exit Points.

Popup Emitter to release water from a French Drain in Yukon

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Installing concrete channel drain

Setting the concrete around the channel drain


French Drain install front

French Drain Installation in Edmond

  • French Drain on left
  • TRench
  • Installing concrete channel drain
  • Setting in the channel drain
  • new curb outlet
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