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Recently we installed a large Drainage System in OKC.  It was a 4 inch System using 4 inch ADS French Drain Pipe with Soc and 4 inch ADS Solid Drain Pipe.  The “Intake” of the Drainage System had two parts.  Water from the gutters on the house was fed into the Drainage System.  There were 7 gutter downspouts around the entire house that were connected straight into the Drainage System with Solid Drain Pipe and a Gutter connection.

French Drain Installation In Yukon

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair : Servicing all of Central and Western Oklahoma since 1993.

Standing Water on Your Driveway?  A Surface Drain set in concrete may be what you need. Or maybe you need a French Drain Running alongside your driveway instead.  Handling water problems is what we are good at.  If you need help, Oklahoma Drainage can provide the best solution for your unwanted water problems.

standing water

A good place for a French Drain

We just finished a 4 inch Drainage System in Yukon.  It was a complicated system to install.  It utilized 4 inch French Drain in the flower beds,  12 inch Surface Drains on the side of the house,  6 inch French Drain along the garage foundation with 2 Pop – Up Emitters in the back yard and 3 Curb Fittings in the front.    First we installed 4 inch French Drain in the flowerbeds on both sides of the front door.  We connected 4 inch solid Drain Pipe into the French Drain and ran them underside walk to the curb.  Next we cut the curb with a concrete saw and installed 3 curb outlets for 3 separate French Drains.

Next we installed 4 12 Inch Drain Basins with grates along both sides of the house continuing with Solid Drain Pipe to the Pop-Up Emitters on the back fence. Finally we completed the Drainage System by installing a long run of 6 inch French Drain down the side of the garage foundation.   Installing the French Drains in the flower beds was the most difficult and took the most time.  Each French Drain took over a ton of crushed limestone to fill the French Drain trench.  The Six inch French Drain took even more limestone.

 Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair

Hey Oklahoma, We are expanding to service all of Western Oklahoma as well as Central Oklahoma.  If you live in Elk City, and need a French Drain, we can help.  If water is standing on your driveway in Clinton, Give us a call.  Duncan, Lawton, and Altus are all new areas of service for us.

Since 1993 Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has solved all types of standing water and drainage issues.  We install Drainage Systems that utilize French Drains, Surface, Drains, Channel Drains, and Sump Pumps depending on the customers needs.

If you have water in the wrong place , we can help!

We also have Decades of experience repairing all types of Lawn Sprinkler Problems.  Fixing broken sprinkler heads, sprinkler valve problems and controller trouble just to name a few things.

French Drains as part of a Drainage System – 

Many times people use the term ” French Drain” as general name for a Drain used in or around your home.  French Drains are designed to move a lot of water over a large flooded area.  They are also designed to take water in on the surface of the ground or below the surface of the ground.  This is very important if the water coming into the flooded area is moving through the ground or coming up from underneath.  ” Sub Surface Water Movement.”  The picture below is not a French Drain!

A French Drain looks like this

river rock french drain

A French Drain Can Handle Standing Water

A French Drain can take in water in a broad area.  It can move a much larger volume of water compared to a Surface Drain.  Also, it can move sub surface water moving into the area where a Surface Drain won’t move any water at all.

Surface Drains are designed to move surface water only on a smaller scale in confined areas.

Each solves specific drainage problems.  A Drainage System may use one or both together or even several using many types of drains.

Do you have standing water in a large area in your yard?  Typically this calls for a French Drain.  A French Drain is a great way to control standing water in a large grassy area.  It can also protect areas from flooding to a certain degree.  As long as the French Drains capacity to move water is not exceeded.  If the French Drains capacity is exceeded then water will stand in the drainage area until the rain stops and the drain has time to catch up.  A good way to prevent this is to install a bigger French Drain with a larger pipe.  The difference between a 3 inch French Drain and a 6 inch French Drain is huge.

Another way to beef up a French Drain is to connect gutter down spouts in front of the French Drain.  The water coming off the roof causes suction in the French Drain Behind it.  This greatly increases the French Drains ability to move water without increasing the size of the French Drain Pipe.

gutter connection to drain

Gutter Connection to French Drain


Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair — Installing – French Drains – Surface Drains – Channel Drains – Sump Pumps

Providing Expert Sprinkler RepairBroken Sprinkler Pipes Sprinkler Head AdjustmentSprinkler Valve Replacement

Servicing all of Central and Western Oklahoma since 1993.


If you have water standing in your flowerbed we can install a French Drain For you.  If water is standing on your driveway or sidewalk a Surface Drain or Channel Drain set in concrete might be what you need.  If water is standing in your basement a Sump Pump installation is a good idea.

Drain Pipe for French Drain running under sidewalk

Drain Pipe for French Drain running under sidewalk

We Installed a Double Six inch French Drain in Edmond this week.  A Double Six Inch French Drain is two six inch French Drains laid side by side in one very wide and deep trench.  It is designed to move a huge amount of water away from a home.   Our customer had several different drainage problems in their back yard.  After a thunderstorm, water would run under their back fence and into their garage.  The back yard was on a steep hillside and the water would run very fast down the hill and into the garage.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair installed 2 large six inch French Drains across the water’s path.  This allowed the water to be diverted into the French Drain which then ran through drain pipe to a curb outlet at the street.  Three Gutter Down Spouts were connected into the French Drain.  The French Drain created a protective barrier for the garage.  A 12 inch Surface Drain was also included in the Drainage System.  It was placed up against the driveway and connected with 4 inch Solid drain pipe to the 6 inch French Drain.  Water was completely rerouted away from the home.  A French Drain  and Surface Drain combination in this case was the best solution to this particular drainage problem.

Installing a Curb Outlet for a French Drain in Edmond
Installing a Curb Outlet for a French Drain in Edmond


Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair  installed a 4 inch French Drain in East Norman this week.  The customer had water standing on the side of his house that was causing foundation damage.  He contracted a Structural Engineer to come out and look at the Drainage Problem and to give him some advise.

The Structural Engineer recommended a French Drain to protect and draw water away from the foundation.  He said that, “he had recommended French Drain Installation to solve similar problems for home owners many times in the past.  The Structural Engineer was confident that it would solve the Drainage Problem.


Recently Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair installed a large 6 inch French Drain in Edmond.  The customer had water running under his back porch step and into his basement.  We did a Free Drainage Diagnostic and Estimate.  The French Drain design that we proposed would intercept the surface water and subsurface water that was flowing under the steps.  The French Drain design called for a 6 inch French Drain to be installed above and several feet away from the steps.  It would run around the house parallel to the foundation and about 5 feet to the East.  The French Drain would run past the steps to a point where water must cross the French Drain or run up hill to the steps which in this case was not possible.  Once past the steps, the French Drain would transition to Solid 6 inch Drain Pipe and continue on around the house to the Pop-Up Emitter down hill in the side yard.  Along the way we attached several Gutter Down Spouts into the French Drain.

French Drain trench sidewalk

French Drain Trench under sidewalk and through curb

French Drain Installation, Drainage Systems, Surface Drain, Sump pumps, – Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair

Hard rain and flooding seem to be more common all the time.  When I started this business in 1993, having over an inch of rainfall in an hour was pretty extreme.  Now having over 4 inch an hour rainfall is not unheard of and is becoming more common.

Protecting our homes and businesses from unwanted water should be a goal for all of us.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has seen and dealt with virtually every possible Drainage and Standing water problem that can occur in or around your home.  With over 2000 Drainage Systems installed since 1993, we have amassed a great deal of experience.  This is help full in seeing underlying problems and secondary issues that may be hard to see at first for the ” Untrained Eye.”  This allows us to get things right the first time.  In this business EXPERIENCE TRULY COUNTS!

Hiring your brother in law to put in your Drainage System or French Drain is as bad as hiring a Lawn mowing company that does landscaping and drains too?  Water can cause a huge amount of damage.  How important is your money and your home?

Blane Callen, 405 203 9419

problem drainage

Is this your yard?

Drainage problem

This is a great place for a French Drain


Curb Outlet for French Drain in Edmond

Curb Outlet for French Drain in Edmond

Running French Drain Pipe Under Sidewalk

Running French Drain Pipe Under Sidewalk

Next, our customer went online and found us by searching under, ” Norman Oklahoma French Drain.”
The Gentleman gave us a call to set up an appointment.  We arrived on the agreed time and provided a ( Free- No Obligation- Drainage Diagnostic and Quote) We came out and looked at his Drainage Problem and designed a Drainage System to solve his, Standing-Water Problem.”  We also recommended a surface drain in a corner where water was coming off a steep part of the roof and overwhelming the gutter.


Installing a Curb Outlet For a French Drain in Edmond

Installing a Curb Outlet For a French Drain in Edmond

The customer let us know that he was ready to move forward.  We scheduled the Drainage System Installation for the following week.  When the scheduled day arrived, we installed the Drainage System.  The Drain was made up of a 6 inch French Drain running 30 feet along the East side of the house.  It curved around the corner of the house.  At that point a 12 inch Surface Drain was connected to the French Drain with 4 inch pipe.  The 6 inch French Drain at that point changed to 6 inch Solid Drain Pipe and continued under ground 65 feet to a pop-up emitter at the curb in the front yard near the street.

Edmond Oklahoma has been the location for many French Drain Installations for us in the past several years.  Recently we ripped out an old Surface Drain that was under a deck.  The Surface Drain was too small for the job and did not Protect the Foundation from Standing Water

 The First step was to take out part of the deck along the wall.  Next we took out the Surface Drain and the Three Inch Pipe which was too small.  Digging a trench along the foundation came next.  We had to ensure the, “Fall” to make sure the water would run from left to right. 

 Next a French Drain Liner  needed to be installed.  This was necessary to maintain the integrity of the trench and to keep the French Drain Pipe from filling up with sand and getting clogged over the next few years.  Oklahoma Drainage  then installed 4 inch ADS Perf/Soc French Drain Pipe along the course of the French Drain.  Next we connected the end of the French Drain Pipe to Solid 4 Inch ADS Drain pipe to continue along the trench to the Pop-Up Emitter at the Exit Point.

Running Drain Pipe to the Curb From French Drain in Back Yard

Running Drain Pipe to the Curb From French Drain in Back Yard




The French Drain we installed ran across the back yard in two places, then it connected to solid ADS Drain Pipe and Ran to the street where a Curb Outlet was installed.

new curb outlet

Curb outlet for French Drain.

Installing a curb outlet takes experience and skill.  We cut the curb with a concrete saw.  Water is used with the saw to make better cuts and to keep the concrete dust to a minimum.  The cut in the curb will be at least two inches wider than the curb outlet that will be set in concrete.  This ensures strength and longevity.  When installing the cement we use cement with Acrylic to further ensure the strength of the outlet.  It takes a while for the concrete to cure.  The new concrete will be darker than the surrounding curb for a while but eventually it will match up.

solid pipe installation

Solid Drain pipe running to the street

We cut the sod out by hand when installing Solid Drain pipe.  The sod is set to the side while the 4 inch pipe is installed.  Then some of the dirt is placed back on top of the drain pipe and the sod is placed back in its original position.  Some of the dirt is left over that is displaced by the new drain pipe.  That dirt is hauled away. 

Recently Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair Installed a French Drain as part of a Drainage System in Mid West City Oklahoma.

Our customer had a back porch Sun Room.  Every time he had a hard rain, Water would run in one door and out the other.  An indoor creek across his Sun Room.

We installed a French Drain in front of the South Door.  It was 26 feet long and ran from a gutter downspout which it was connected to,  in front of the South Door and along the house covering the entire “Low” Area.  Then we connected 4 inch ADS Solid Drain pipe to the French Drain and ran down hill around the corner of the house to the street.

pipe to street

French Drain pipe running to street

Once the 4 inch solid drain pipe was connected to the French Drain and the two gutter down spouts, a pop-up emitter was installed to release the water at the street.

The next step was to cover the drain pipe with dirt and put the sod back in place on top of the pipe.   There was about 8 wheelbarrows of dirt left over that was displaced by the drain pipe and the French Drain.  The extra dirt was scooped up and hauled away.

While installing the drainage system, it was necessary to move two sprinkler heads that were in the way of the drain pipe installation.  This was no problem.  Installing drainage systems and French drains for folks who have a sprinkler system is very common.  Moving Sprinkler heads or pipes sometimes is necessary.  We always leave the sprinkler system in complete working order and we discuss any changes in the sprinkler system with the customer before we do it to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  In most cases the customer cant tell that we made any changes to the sprinkler system at all.


connecting gutter to French Drain

Connecting Gutter to French Drain

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