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Sprinkler Repair can mean a lot of things.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing expert sprinkler repair since 1993 for all of Central and Western Oklahoma.

We provide service for Sprinkler Valves.  If you have a “Loose Bleed Screw” on a Rainbird Valve we can help.  If your solenoid on your Toro Valve is too tight, we have the solution.  If your sprinkler zone isn’t working and you don’t know what kind of valve you have, It’s no problem.


Sprinkler heads are always a focus.  Some customers need them moved.  Others just need their sprinkler heads adjusted.  Many times it is better to just replace the sprinkler head if it can’t be repaired or adjusted.  Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing these services for over 26 years.

different sprinkler heads

A Rotor and a Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler Controllers can have trouble as well.  Loose wires or burnt up modules can be just a couple of the possible problems.  Many times the only problem is that the Sprinkler Controller is not programmed correctly.


When solving Sprinkler Controller Problems, Experience Counts.  There is no substitute for EXPERIENCE!  Again, we have over 26 years of solving Sprinkler Controller Problems.

Finally, we fix leaking pipes.  Sprinkler pipes may leak connected to Sprinkler Valves, underneath Sprinkler Heads or at the Water Main Connection.  Sprinkler Leaks can also occur throughout the Sprinkler System at any Joint or connection.

Finding leaks can be very easy as in the picture above.  Many times the leaks are hard to find however.  You may have a “Pin Hole ” Leak that is very small and extremely hard to find.   This again is an example of Experience saving time and money.

If Sprinkler Heads are a problem, or your sprinkler valves are not working correctly, or if you have a leak anywhere in your Sprinkler System, Give Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair a call.

Sprinkler RepairSprinkler ValvesSprinkler HeadsLeaking Pipes – Everything you might need repaired or adjusted with your sprinkler system.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair – On the Job since 1993 – Servicing Western and Central Oklahoma

Sprinkler Repair sometimes involves the Sprinkler Controller.  Some of the most common problems stem from the sprinkler system not being programmed correctly.   Simple things like the wires being loose in the controller can cause the sprinkler system not to run.  In particular the” Ground Wire coming form the valves can be loose sometimes.  This may cause the system to work one day and not to work the next.  Even worse it may turn on but won’t turn off.  Sometimes old controllers just need to be replaced.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been solving all types or sprinkler repair since 1993.  Experience definitely counts with Sprinkler Repair!

Most Sprinkler Controllers have a knob or a digital touch screen.  Either way, the basic functions are the same.

1.  Sometimes some brands of Sprinkler Controllers won’t work because the ” Time and Date,” have not been set correctly.  If you select time/date and the screen is blank with no time or date then you have a problem.


2.  The most common reason that a Sprinkler Controller won’t work is because the breaker has been tripped for the electrical plug that the controller is plugged into.  People assume that because the LED screen on the controller has power that the controller is receiving power.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ALL CONTROLLERS HAVE BACKUP BATTERIES IN THEM TO MAINTAIN THE CONTROLLERS PROGRAMMING IF YOUR ELECTRICITY GOES OFF.  THE BREAKER CAN BE TRIPPED TO THE ELECTRICAL OUTLET AND THE DIGITAL DISPLAY WILL STILL RUN OFF THE BATTERY MAKING IT LOOK LIKE IT HAS POWER WHEN IT DOES NOT.



Another very common mistake is that people confuse “Start Times,” with “Run Times” on the controller.

A Run Time is how long you program each Sprinkler Zone to run.

(Zone 1  5 minutes, Zone 2 8 minutes, Zone 3 25 minutes and so on.)  You program how long you want each Sprinkler Zone to run.

A Start Time is a time that you set on the controller to start zone one running.  All other zones automatically follow zone one in order lowest to highest.  Zone 2 knows to always follow zone 1 when it is done.  Zone 3 knows to follow Zone 2 and so on.  Let me repeat this.  Start Times are only for zone 1.  Again, a “Start Time,” is a time that you would like your Sprinkler System to come and run through all the zones.

Sprinkler Controllers have the ability to run more than one start time.  This is to allow your entire Sprinkler System to run more than once in a 24 hour period.  You can have a Start Time of 1 PM.  Zone 1 comes on and runs until its programmed time elapses.  Zone 2 automatically comes on next and runs.  Then zone 3 and so on.  You might have a 2nd Start Time several hours later to start and run your entire system again.  (2nd start time at 8 PM)  The Sprinkler System has had plenty of time to run through all the zones when it started at 1 PM.  At 8 PM the controller turns zone 1 on again and all the zones run their programmed amount of time.  THE MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE IS THINKING THAT YOU MUST PROGRAM A START TIME FOR EACH ZONE. ( YOU CAN NOT PROGRAM A START TIME FOR ZONE 2,3,4 etc.)  This is also apparent by the fact that most Sprinkler Controllers have a limit of 4 start times but can run more zones than 4.  Most Sprinkler Controllers can run 10 zones or more.

What causes a big problem is a when person programs a Start Time at 1Pm.  Thinking incorrectly that they need to program a Start Time for zone 2.  They enter a second Start Time for 1:15pm, and a third start time for zone 3 at 1:30 PM.  So here is what happens.  Say each zone is programmed to run for 10 minutes each.(Run Time)  Zone 1 comes on and runs at 1 PM.  At 1:10 PM Zone 1 stops and zone 2 comes on.  At 1:15 PM the second start time kicks in and tries to turn on zone 1 again while zone 2 has only been running for five minutes and the other subsequent zones have not run at all.  This is called an “Overlapping Start Time.”  With an Overlapping Start Time, Different brands of controllers do different things.  They are all bad regardless.  Some will run zone one over and over and over causing a flood.  Others will not run at all.

Most people only use or need one Start Time.


The “Water Budget Feature,” found on most controllers can cause problems with your Sprinkler Run Times.  Water Budget is a quick way to quickly change all your Run Times for all your zones at once.  Example  —  Out of the box, your new Sprinkler Controller will be set to 100%.  If you program zone 1 to run 10 minutes and zone 2 to run 15 minutes then if your water budget is 100% then that is exactly what they will run.  If you change your water budget from 100% to 200% now zone 1 will run 20 minutes and zone 2 will run 30 minutes and any other zone’s run time will run double of what it was programmed at 100%.  This is a great feature until you accidentally change your water budget to 900% and don’t realize it.  (or 5%)



Some of the older digital Sprinkler Controllers have an “Enter” button.  Any programming you do must be followed by hitting the Enter Button.  If you don’t hit it then programming that you think you keyed in is lost.  This is why the newer controllers don’t have an Enter Button.