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Have you ever had water sanding on your Driveway?  Water on Driveways can cause cement or asphalt to break down and come apart resulting in cracks and deterioration.  Not to mention getting out of your car and stepping into water is never pleasant!

Oklahoma can have very hard rain and thunderstorms.  Water standing can cause all types of problems.

Surface Drain installed in Driveway with Metal Grate.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can help by installing a surface drain in your driveway or sidewalk.  If you live in Edmond and need help, give us a call.  We service all of Central and Western Oklahoma.

We install all types of Residential Drains including : French Drains, Surface Drains, and Channel Drains.

Installing Channel Drain Across Sidewalk in Norman

These folks had water standing right at there front door.  Installing a Channel Drain solved the problem.


Surface Drain Installed Next to a Sidewalk

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