Sprinkler Repair

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been solving all types or sprinkler system problems since 1993.  With Sprinkler Repair, Experience truly counts.

Sprinkler Repair covers a lot of territory.

Sprinkler Valves –  Sprinkler Valves leak and can make a mess in your yard.  Sprinkler Valve wiring can get wet or disconnected.  Debris can keep a valve from opening so that sprinkler zone doesn’t run.  Even worse, a Sprinkler valve can stick open and not shut off when the controller tells it too.  A sprinkler system that won’t shut off is a bad thing.  Not to mention the celinoid issues and bad valve boxes.

Sprinkler heads can break, leak, or be adjusted incorrectly.  They may just be in the wrong place and need to be moved.

rain bird rotor

Installing new rotor sprinkler head

Back Flow valves can be no end to trouble too.  First, they freeze and break vary easily.  It doesn’t take much for the brass fittings to freeze.  The Feed pipe can freeze and break as well.  Talk about a mess!

I can write a book on all the issues that a Sprinkler Controller can have.  Some last a long time.  Others don’t!

controller issues

Replacing Broken Wiring inside Sprinkler Controller

Sprinkler System Water Line connections can crack or leak.