Sprinkler Repair

Since 1993 CMG has Provided Expert Sprinkler Repair for all of Central Oklahoma

CMG Services:

Broken Sprinkler Heads

Leaking Sprinkler Valves

Broken Sprinkler Pipes

Sprinkler Controller Problems and Programming

Sprinkler Wiring Issue

Moving Sprinkler Heads

Adjusting Sprinkler Heads

The term, “Sprinkler Repair,” Covers a lot of topics and areas of expertise. CMG has been providing Expert Sprinkler Repair for all of Central Oklahoma since 1993.

Sprinkler heads most commonly require the most attention. Sprinkler heads get broken for a variety of reasons, from dogs to cars to weed eaters.  Sprinkler heads typically break at the connection, between the Head and the Sprinkler pipe.   There are several ways that a sprinkler head might be connected to the sprinkler pipeCMG is familiar with all the possible Sprinkler Head Connections.    Many times a home owner may want a sprinkler head moved or adjusted to spray in a different area.  CMG can adjust or move all brands of sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler Valves many times need attention.  Sprinkler Valves Leak.  Sprinkler Valves Stick open.  Sometimes Sprinkler Valves quit working completely.  Once again, CMG can handle any problem you might have with sprinkler valves.

Sprinkler Valves need maintenance!
Sprinkler Valves need maintenance!

Sprinkler Controllers many times are the source of Sprinkler Problems.  They can stop working, or may be difficult to program. CMG can quickly diagnose your Sprinkler Controller Problem and recommend a solution.

Sprinkler Wiring running from the Sprinkler Controller to the Sprinkler Valves can be the cause of many Sprinkler Problems.

CMG Sprinklers and Drains can help with:

1.  Sprinkler Controller Problems

2. Leaking Back-Flow Valves

3.  Leaking Sprinkler Pipes

4.  Shorted or disconnected Sprinkler Valve Wires

5. Sprinkler Zones or Sprinkler Stations that won’t work

6. Broken Sprinkler Heads

7. Sprinkler Head Adjustment

The Sprinkler System Problems listed above are the most common Sprinkler Problems that we deal with.

This concludes, “Sprinkler Repair, Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, Edmond

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