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Sprinkler Repair, Yukon Oklahoma.  Recently Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair had a call from a lady in Yukon.  She had water leaking out of the ground near her front sidewalk when her sprinkler system ran.  Actually it was shooting up in the air.  Soil and debris was running across the yard and down the street.  The bottom of the sprinkler pipe had broken along with the sprinkler head that connected to it.  It was in a tough spot to get to but we were successful in completing the sprinkler repair.


When it gets cold, above ground “Back Flow Valves” can have trouble.   An above ground Back Flow Valve is required to meet code for all Cities in Central Oklahoma.  Unfortunately they freeze and bust very easily.  They are actually designed to break on top when it gets cold.  Water goes everywhere.  If you have a broken back flow valve in the middle of the night, or on a weekend, Give us a Call.  Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing solutions for Back Flow Valves since 1993.

If you don’t have an emergency, but would like to make changes to your Sprinkler System, So it won’t freeze and break in the first place, we would be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you.

Above Ground Back-Flow Valves Often Freeze and Leak in the Winter!

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair also provides all other aspects of Residential Sprinkler Repair.  If you need Sprinkler Heads moved or are having trouble with your Sprinkler Valves, Give us a call.  Sprinkler Controllers or leaking pipes are no trouble either.

Emergency Sprinkler Repair / Oklahoma City / Norman / Edmond / Lawton

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Do you have water running down the street from your sprinkler system in the middle of the night?  Has your Sprinkler “Back Flow Valve” frozen from cold weather and is shooting water everywhere? Is your sprinkler system running and won’t shut off no matter what you do?  Do you need help “After Hours” or on ” Weekends”?  Give us a Call!


Recently we serviced a sprinkler system that had a zone running in the front yard and would not shut off.  The customer turned off the zone at the controller, but the sprinkler system kept running.  They unplugged the controller with no success.  We arrived at 10 pm.  By 11 pm we had the system turned off and had scheduled  a time to come back and make a permanent Sprinkler Repair.  They had a sprinkler valve that needed to be replaced and had stuck in the “Open” position.  We turned it off manually and replaced it a few days later.

Emergency Service

If you just have a question concerning your existing sprinkler system, we are happy to share time and information with you!

Water leaking anywhere in your yard

Sprinkler System won’t shut off

Back Flow Valve has frozen and broken

Any other Emergency Concerning Water Lines or Sprinkler Systems

Keeping a Sprinkler System running smoothly requires repair and maintenance from time to time.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems develop problems and need maintenance from time to time. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can help with small sprinkler problems such as a broken sprinkler head or a sprinkler controller programming problem.  We also deal with larger sprinkler problems like redesigning sprinkler zones or replacing sprinkler valves.


We also provide sprinkler systems checkups to test your irrigation system for possible problems that you may not be aware of. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can help with:

1.  Sprinkler Controller Problems

2.  Leaking Back-Flow Valves 

3.  Leaking Sprinkler Pipes

4.  Shorted or disconnected Sprinkler Valve Wires

5. Sprinkler Zones or Sprinkler Stations that won’t work

6. Broken Sprinkler Heads

7.  Sprinkler Head Adjustment

Works Great After an Adjustment.

Sprinkler Repair in Oklahoma City.

Recently we spent an afternoon checking out a Sprinkler System in Northwest Oklahoma City.  The customer told us that many of the heads in the Sprinkler System had a variety of problems.  Her Sprinkler System was fairly large so the Sprinkler System Checkup would take some time.

Broken Sprinkler Head

First we had to run each Sprinkler Zone and look at each Sprinkler Head individually.  This took a while considering that there were 18 zones and 5 to 10 Sprinkler Heads in Each Zone.

First we looked to see if each Sprinkler Head was functioning correctly.  Many of the heads were leaking at the base. Other Sprinkler Heads were not spraying correctly and needed to have their Sprinkler Nozzles Replaced.  Some of the Sprinklers were just worn out and needed to be replaced.

As we went through the Sprinkler System, we placed a flag by each head that needed some type or Sprinkler Repair or Replacement.  Along the way we also checked Sprinkler Coverage.  Some Sprinkler Heads needed to be moved because some areas were either too dry or too wet.  Several Sprinkler Heads needed to be moved.
Sprinkler Nozzle

Before the end of the day, we replaced 12 Sprinkler Heads, Changed Out 35 Sprinkler Nozzles, and moved 11 sprinkler heads to new locations.

We – can help if you need to re-design your Sprinkler System.  If for example you are adding a swimming pool in your back yard, we can move the Sprinkler Heads and Sprinkler Pipes to fit the new dimensions of your yard.  We can redesign or add-on to sprinkler systems where the home owners needs Adjustments made. PRETTY COOL!

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Winter is a time when a lot can go wrong with a Sprinkler SystemSprinkler Repair is necessary for many reasons.  Sprinkler Pipes can freeze and break.  Sprinkler heads can crack or bust.  Above Ground Back-Flow Valves can crack or leak during some some of the warmest winters.    If you are having trouble with your Sprinkler Controller, or if you have a Sprinkler Head shooting out in the street, give us a call.

If you just have a question concerning your existing sprinkler system, we are happy to share time and information with you!

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has installed :

Sprinkler Valves in Edmond

Rain/Freeze Sensors in Oklahoma City

Sprinkler Controllers in Yukon

Sprinkler Heads in Norman

Sprinkler Nozzles in Moore

New Sprinkler Valves installed in Norman