French Drain Photos and Information, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond

Posted: January 7, 2021 in french drain, French Drain Information, French Drain Installation, French Drain Photos
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Recently Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair Installed a French Drain as part of a Drainage System in Mid West City Oklahoma.

Our customer had a back porch Sun Room.  Every time he had a hard rain, Water would run in one door and out the other.  An indoor creek across his Sun Room.

We installed a French Drain in front of the South Door.  It was 26 feet long and ran from a gutter downspout which it was connected to,  in front of the South Door and along the house covering the entire “Low” Area.  Then we connected 4 inch ADS Solid Drain pipe to the French Drain and ran down hill around the corner of the house to the street.

pipe to street

French Drain pipe running to street

Once the 4 inch solid drain pipe was connected to the French Drain and the two gutter down spouts, a pop-up emitter was installed to release the water at the street.

The next step was to cover the drain pipe with dirt and put the sod back in place on top of the pipe.   There was about 8 wheelbarrows of dirt left over that was displaced by the drain pipe and the French Drain.  The extra dirt was scooped up and hauled away.

While installing the drainage system, it was necessary to move two sprinkler heads that were in the way of the drain pipe installation.  This was no problem.  Installing drainage systems and French drains for folks who have a sprinkler system is very common.  Moving Sprinkler heads or pipes sometimes is necessary.  We always leave the sprinkler system in complete working order and we discuss any changes in the sprinkler system with the customer before we do it to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  In most cases the customer cant tell that we made any changes to the sprinkler system at all.

connecting gutter to French Drain

Connecting Gutter to French Drain

French Drain Photos and information

french drain pipe in trench

French Drain Trench

French Drain Trench

French Drain Trench

French Drain gravel

French Drain covered with limestone

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