French Drain in 2021

Posted: January 5, 2021 in french drain
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French Drain 2021, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Moore

French Drain Installation in 2021

French Along fence

French Drain along Fence

French Drain Installation is a central focus for Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair. French Drains solve drainage problems for areas that have large-volume water problems. This includes areas where water runs under fences or stands along driveways.

The design of a French Drain is simple. A trench is dug and the dirt is removed. A perforated drain pipe is placed in the bottom of the trench. The Drain Pipe has thousands of small holes in it and a soc filter around it to keep out debris.

French Drains and Surface Drains, What kind of pipe do you need? –

Installing french drain

Installing French Drain Under Walkway

Gravel then is placed on top of the drain.  Water travels through the gravel all along the trench.  It enters the French Drain pipe and travels down hill to the exit point.

Many people confuse a Surface Drain with a French Drain.  Below is a Surface Drain.

Surface Drain Install

A Surface Drain can remove standing water!

Surface Drains are used to drain away water in a smaller, more focused area than a French Drain.  They handle a lower water volume.  ” IF YOU NEED TO DRAIN A PUDDLE USE A SURFACE DRAIN! IF YOU NEED TO DRAIN A POND USE A FRENCH DRAIN.”

Typically French Drains don’t work well in small focused areas like walkways or small flower beds.  Surface Drains best handle those areas.

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  2. […] French Drain or Surface Drain? So you have water in a place in your home or business that is causing a problem.  Maybe you have water standing on your sidewalk or leaking into your air conditioning ducts.  You might have water running under your garage door and flooding your garage.  You might have standing water that kills grass or plants in your yard.  There are an endless number of possible water drainage issues. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has provided solutions for water drainage problems since 1993. We utilize French Drains and many types of Surface Drains to solve all types of Residential and Small Business water problems.  We also install Sump Pumps when water can not be drained from the problem area. As of January 2021 we have provided service for 5467 customers in Oklahoma.  Our service area includes all of Central and Western Oklahoma.  We will service other areas of Oklahoma by special appointment. There is never any cost for us to come and look at your water problems. […]

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