French Drain Installation in East Norman

Posted: October 9, 2020 in french drain

Recently we had a customer with a sever water problem. They had recently purchased a new home which was built on a hill side. The hill behind the house was steep and the grade to keep the water from running into their back porch wasn’t very good.

Water was running under the cement slab of the back porch. To make matters worse cracking was occurring in the new concrete.

The Solution involved installing a 6 inch french drain running the entire length of the house to intercept the surface water running down the hill into the house.

More importantly, the French Drain intercepted the underground sub-surface water that was running down the hill and under the slab.

French Drains protect homes and foundations from surface water and sub-surface water.

We also connected 6 gutter down spouts directly into the drainage system. Problem solved.

French drain near patio
French Drain near Patio

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