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French Drain Success

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair

Recently we installed a French Drain that ran parallel between two houses in Moore Oklahoma.  We also installed a French Drain under a walkway to a pool in Choctaw.

French Drain walk way

French Drain Installed along and under walk way to pool.

As you can see, we installed a French Drain under the left edge of the walk way.  The stones and gravel were temporarily removed while the French Drain was installed. Then the walk way was put back on top of the French Drain.

Finished French Drain

Completed French Drain under walk way

Yesterday it rained very hard on the walkway in Choctaw.  We received a text from the home owner.

text drain

Text and photo of French Drain


Before we installed the French Drain, our customer told us that the walk way to the pool typically stood in 6 inches of water after even a small rain.  The water would pool on the right side and stay there for a long time after the rain had gone.  As you can see in the text pic, there is very little water standing while it is raining, and when the rain stopped, the water was gone completely.

Our customer in Moore also sent us a text as well.  He had standing water between his house and his neighbors.  His neighbor did not have any gutters which made the water problem worse.  We installed a French Drain running down the property line between the two houses.  We connected the customer’s gutters directly into the Drainage System with 4 inch gutter connections.  Had the neighbor had gutters, we would have connected them as well.  The French Drain transitioned to a solid drain pipe which ran across the front yard, under the sidewalk to the street.  We cut the curb and installed a curb outlet.

new curb outlet

Curb outlet with more than 6 inches of fall




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