French Drain Installation under walkway, Servicing Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, Choctaw

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Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair 405 203 9419 — We provide:

    French Drain Installation, Surface Drain Installation, Drainage System Installation

    Sprinkler Repair for all aspects of Residential Sprinkler Systems

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Drainage Systems, French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, Sump Pumps, Sprinkler Repair, with 26 years of experience. 

French Drain walkway

French Drain Installation under walkway


walk way french drain

Completed French Drain under walk way

Just what is a “French Drain?” Many times people incorrectly

French Drain can protect your foundation!

use the phrase, “French Drain,” when they mean “Surface Drain” or “Channel Drain.”

A basic French Drain consists of a Perforated Drain Pipe in the bottom of a trench. The French Drain Trench runs through a Problem Drainage Area that needs to be drained.   The French Drain Pipe is perforated (Full of Small Holes) and has Neo-Prene Soc around the pipe.  This soc helps prevent debris from clogging the French Drain Pipe.

The dirt that was taken out to make the trench is hauled away. It is replaced by some type of small stone or gravel depending on what is desired or available. I prefer crushed 1 inch lime stone. It is the most economical option in my area. Pea Gravel or some other type of small stone can work just as well. The lime-stone or gravel is placed in the trench on top of the perforated Drain Pipe and filled all the way to the surface (ground level). In some cases where the French Drain needs to be deep or is being placed in sandy soil, a special trench liner must be placed in the trench before the perforated Drain Pipe or the Gravel are installed. This helps maintain the integrity of the trench over time. It also increases the cost of the French Drain and the amount of time to install it. I install a trench liner in a French Drain about 20% of the time. Most of the time a liner in not needed.

French Drain Gravel

Limestone in French Drain

French Drain 

A French Drain is designed to handle a large volume of water and cover a large area. The Drain is anyplace the trench goes. It has many applications and can be used in many situations. It can be installed by itself or incorporated into a Drainage System with Surface Drains or Gutter Down-Spouts connected to it.

Colored Gravel over French drain

French Drain with Colored Gravel

The main downfall of a French Drain is that they, for the most part aren’t very pretty. They don’t look very nice in a yard once they are completed.

Drain Pipe for French Drain running under sidewalk

French Drain Pipe under sidewalk




French Drain with stepping stones

French Drain With Stepping STones

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair  Services all of Central Oklahoma including: Norman, Moore, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Del City, Blanchard, Newcastle, Purcell and Chickasha.

Drainage System Installation in Norman

Drainage System Installation in Norman


Do you have Drainage Problems?  Every time it rains, Do you have water standing on your driveway?  Do your gutters turn your sidewalk into a moat?  Does the  side of your house turn into a swamp after a thunder-storm?  Standing  water causes several problems such as dead  grass, sidewalk and foundation deterioration and MOLD to name just a  few.  If you have water seeping into your home things can get even  worse.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair tackles  these types of Drainage Problems and many other with  the installation of:  FRENCH DRAINSSURFACE DRAINS, CHANNEL  DRAINS, BASEMENT DRAINS, TRENCH DRAINSBASIN DRAINS, GUTTER DOWNSPOUT  CONNECTS, AND SUMP PUMP INSTALLATION.

can diagnose  your drainage problem and design a drainage system just for your specific needs. 


  1. […] have a measurable effect on the performance of the drain. DON’T COVER THE GRAVEL IN THE FRENCH DRAIN WITH DIRT.  THE FRENCH DRAIN WON’T WORK IF THE TRENCH IS CLOGGED WITH DIRT.  DON’T […]

  2. […] have a measurable effect on the performance of the drain. DON’T COVER THE GRAVEL IN THE FRENCH DRAIN WITH DIRT.  THE FRENCH DRAIN WON’T WORK IF THE TRENCH IS CLOGGED WITH DIRT.  DON’T […]

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