French Drain Installation, Choctaw, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond

Posted: June 3, 2020 in Drainage System Repair, Drainage Systems, french drain, French Drain Repair
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walk way drain

French Drain Under Walk Way

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair recently installed a French Drain along the edge and under a Stepping Stone walkway.  The Work took place In Choctaw East of Choctaw Road.

Every time it rained, our customer had water standing on the walkway between the pool and the house.  Not only would the water stand there but it stayed there a long time.

To solve the problem, we took apart the walkway and dug a trench about 18 inches deep along the East side of the walkway.  Next we put a trench liner in the trench which is white and maintains the integrity of the drainage trench.  It allows water to pass through it but keeps sand and debris out of the perforated French Drain Pipe.  The French Drain pipe itself also has a neo preen soc and the perforated pipe as well.  This gives the French Drain Pipe two levels of protections from sand and dirt getting into the pipe.

clogged French Drain Pipe

result of French Drain Installed Incorrectly without a liner of filter

Next, we connected a solid drain pipe to the French Drain.  It ran from the center of the French Drain perpendicularly across the walk way, down the hill 70 feet to the pop up emitter.

When digging the trench for the Drain Pipe, we carefully cut the sod in the yard and replaced it back once the drain pipe had been installed.  In a couple of weeks you won’t be able to tell that we ever dug a trench there.


cutting sod for trench

Installing Drain pipe and Replacing the sod

Next, it was time to put the walkway back together.  The pave stones were put back into place and a nice colored gravel was put in the cracks around the walkway stones.

New Edging was also installed around the walkway.

French Drain walk way

French Drain Installed along and under walk way to pool.



walk way french drain

Completed French Drain under walk way

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