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Posted: May 29, 2020 in french drain, French Drain Information, French Drain Photos
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muddy french drain installation

Installing a French Drain in the mud

Standing water can cause a lot of damage to your yard.  The above picture was from a French Drain Installation in Oklahoma City.

Many times we wait until things dry out a bit before beginning a French Drain Installation.  Some times the water never goes away.  So we start digging in standing water and putting the mud in a wheelbarrow.   We then haul it to a dump trailer to be hauled away.  It isn’t the easiest thing to do.


Liner and French dran

Perforated Pipe, Filter , and Liner installed in a drainage trench.

The water started draining away as soon as we dug the Drainage Trench.  Once the Pipe and Limestone were installed, it drained away even faster.

The trench liner allows sub surface water to pass through it and reach the French Drain Pipe.  The reason it is installed is to maintain the integrity of the drainage trench so it doesn’t collapse over time.  It also helps protect the pipe from filling up with mud or sand, clogging the French Drain.

Below is a picture of a French Drain that we had to take out and replace because it had no liner or filter around the Pipe.

clogged French Drain Pipe

result of French Drain Installed Incorrectly



Installing concrete channel drain

Setting the concrete around the channel drain

The French Drain Pipe shown above has a neo Preen soc around it to prevent sand and debris from clogging the French Drain.  The next step is to add the lime stone on top.

Other types of stone can be used as well.

colored gravel french drain

French Drain with colored gravel.’


FD River roc

A French Drain with River Rock

The type of rock that covers a perforated French Drain Pipe can be just about any type of quality gravel or crushed stone.  Very small crushed stone or sand is not a good idea, however.  The water must be able to flow through the stone to reach the perforated pipe.

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