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Posted: May 25, 2020 in french drain, French Drain Information, French Drain Installation, French Drain Photos
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When installing a Drainage System of any type, a decision must be made on the size of Drain Pipe used.  Typically 6 inch, 4 inch, and 3 inch are the most common in Residential Drainage Systems.


If you have one or two 6 inch Surface Drains or a stretch of French Drain that is less than 10 feet, then a 3 inch drain pipe can be used.   Three inch drain pipe is used for low volume applications.

4 inch and 6 inch

4 inch and 6 inch Drain Pipe

If you have two or three 12 inch Surface Drains or a stretch of French Drain that is 60 feet or less, then 4 inch drain Pipe should do the job.

If you have Six 12 inch Surface Drains or less or 100 Feet of French Drain, Then the use of 6 inch drain pipe becomes necessary.

two French Drain

100 feet of french drain

These numbers can be exceeded.  More Surface Drains or French Drain can be added to the above listing, however the drain pipe will be overwhelmed at times of heavy rain.  If it is OK with you for your French Drains or Surface Drains to Stand Underwater for a while until the Drainage System can catch up and clear the excess water away.  How long it stays underwater varies from one application to another.

Slope is a big consideration.  If your drain pipe runs downhill nicely and the water moves quickly, then you can exceed the above numbers.  If you have very little slope and your Drain Pipe only runs downhill slightly, then installing fewer drains is definitely a good idea.

Connecting a gutter downspout to a drain that only has a small slope is always a good idea.  The water on the roof has nice velocity when it comes out the gutter and into the drain pipe.  It speeds up the water movement when the slope ins’t very good.  It also causes suction behind the gutter downspout in the French Drain or Surface Drain that you have installed.

Installing concrete channel drain

Setting the concrete around the channel drain

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