French Drain Installation Mistakes, Problems, and bad practices – THINGS NOT TO DO! —

Posted: May 6, 2020 in DIY Drain Installation, DIY French Drain, Drain Installation, french drain, French Drain Photos
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Recently we installed a Drainage System in NE Edmond.  Our customer had purchased a new home at a large discount.  The new home had sat empty for three years because of all the drainage problems on the West side of the house in the front, side, and back yard.  The builder could not sell the home.   Originally The builder of the home had installed a French Drain to solve these problems.  Whoever originally installed the system had no idea what they were doing.  There were many mistakes made!

Once the house was finally sold at a very large discount, the new homeowner hired us to come in and assess the situation.  We determined that the drainage problems could be solved.  Our quotes for drainage system installations are always free with no obligation.

Here are some of the problems we found:

  1.  A French Drain was installed, but perforated pipe was not used in the last 60 feet of the French Drain.  Crushed Limestone was used to cover the French Drain Pipe in the drainage trench, but since the pipe in the trench was solid and not perforated, the water had no way to get into the French Drain.  THIS IS LIKE PUTTING GAS INTO YOUR CAR AT THE GAS STATION BY POURING IT ON THE ROOF?
  2. In the areas where perforated pipe was used, it was installed incorrectly.  No type of filter was installed to protect the French Drain.  Neither a “Trench Liner” or a Neo-Preen soc was used to protect the perforated pipe from getting clogged.  The soil was very sandy in this NE Edmond neighborhood.  Here is the Pipe that we dug up.  Sand had completely filled the French Drain Pipe.  It was so heavy, that we had to cut it into sections just to lift it out of the trench.

    3.  Finally, the thing that left me scratching my head and made me speechless was this!  Much of the French Drain in the back yard would need to flow up hill a substantial distance to reach the exit point of the drainage system.  I can’t explain this or make it up, but somebody got paid to do this.  I’m sorry! I need to just let this go.  Anyway


    We ripped up all the bad French Drain Pipe that was filled with sand.  We installed perforated French Drain Pipe that had a Neo-Preen soc around it and we installed a trench liner as well.

    Our customer is very happy!  I checked on the progress of the yard drying out yesterday, a week after the install.  He now has a normal firm back yard.

    French drain gravel

    Installing gravel on french drain

    The Bermuda grass will soon grow over the trench with the limestone.  If you have read my other blogs, you know how important this is and what it means.  CATCH YOU GUYS NEXT TIME!

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