Repairing a Broken Sprinkler Pipe can be tricky.   In the picture above, a Sprinkler Pipe had been punctured with a landscaping stake.  The Pipe was in a group of pipes together.  They had originally been burred in one trench along with the sprinkler valve wires.  Accidentally a landscaper drove a stake into the ground and hit the pipe.  The stake went between the two top pipes and hit the one on the bottom.  Yikes!

The top pipes were fine but the one underneath leaked like crazy.  Had it been the other way around with the damaged pipe being the one on the top.  The Sprinkler Pipe Repair would have been much easier.  The bad part with the hole would simply been cut out and replaced with a ” Quick Fix” which is a piece of pipe that expands just like a ” Telescope.”  You glue each end and fill the space that was cut out.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been solving Sprinkler Repair problems like this since 1993.  It is this experience that lets us know that a “Quick Fix,” Pipe splice will not work when the pipe is on the bottom of a group of pipes.  It is too hard to expand the Quick Fix, to repair the leak.  It takes a decent amount of force to expand.  In this situation, it is too awkward to install it correctly.  It will leak a little on one end or the other.

Our solution is “Old School.”  We Do a “Box Out,” to repair the broken Pipe.  It is exactly like it sounds.  We cut out the bad pipe and put in New Sprinkler Pipe by running pipe out a few inches, up a few inches, and back to the pipe as shown in the picture above.  This is how broken Sprinkler Pipes were repaired before Quick Fix Splices existed.

Box out Repair

Boxing Out to Repair a Broken Sprinkler Pipe on the Bottom.


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