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French Drain Installation In Downtown Oklahoma City

French Drain

A little bit North of Downtown Oklahoma City,  We installed a 6 inch French Drain between two businesses which were less than three feet apart.  The French Drain went between a Law Firm and a Tire shop.  Water was leaking through the walls of both businesses.  Gutters between the two establishments were dumping a huge amount of water.  We installed a 6 inch French Drain between the two.

French Drain connected to gutter

It took a long time to get the dirt out of the trench for the French Drain.  It was a very tight fit.  We had to use a little red wagon to haul out the dirt for the French Drain and haul back in the crushed limestone for the French Drain.  It looked a little silly, but it was the only thing we could find that was narrow enough to fit between the buildings.  A French Drain that normally would take 1 day to install took three.

Curb Outlet for French Drain

The French Drain had a Double Exit Point.  This means that once water entered the French Drain Pipe, it could run South to the street or it could run North to the alley.  To exit points greatly increases the water capacity for any French Drain.

Along the course of the French Drain, we connected two large gutters directly into the Drain Pipe.

Once in place, the French Drain eliminated all the water that was leaking into the two buildings.

Drainage Problem Solved!

French Drain Installation

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been diagnosing and solving Drainage Problems since 1993.  Water has the ability to get into places around your home where you really don’t want it to be.  Some drainage problems are easy to solve.  Typically water enters the problem drainage area one way from one source.  The really tricky drainage problems occur when water enters the problem drainage area from multiple directions and from multiple sources.  Sometimes a secondary water source can’t be seen or identified until the primary water problem source is eliminated.

An example of this occurs when water is running into a problem area in an obvious way over the ground where you can see it.

Simple enough.

A drainage system is installed with a surface drain as the “intake” with drainage pipe running to an exit point.  Initially the water drains away and everything looks great.  The next day water is back and is all around the surface drain, but below the edge and it hasn’t rained at all, so no additional water ran over the surface of the ground to flood the area.  The primary water source was solved, ( The surface water run off ) but the secondary water source was not.  Which was sub-surface water, (ground water) running into the area.  A surface drain can’t drain “ground water.”  A French Drain should have initially been installed instead of a Surface Drain.  A French Drain can drain both Surface Water and Ground Water.


A French Drain Can Handle Standing Water


Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair Services all of Central Oklahoma including: Norman, Moore, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Del City, Blanchard, Newcastle, Purcell and Chickasha.

Now we are expanding our service area to include : Lawton, Altus, Duncan, Chickasha, Elk City, and all of Western Oklahoma.





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