Lawton Oklahoma Sprinkler Repair, Back Flow Valve Replacement, Master Valve Installation

Posted: December 30, 2019 in Emergency Sprinkler Repair, lawn sprinkler repair
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Lawton Oklahoma Sprinkler Repair – Last week we had a Sprinkler Repair in Lawton for a Leaking Back Flow Valve.  The plastic vacuum breaker at the top had frozen and busted.  Water was leaking even though the sprinkler system was turned.  We Replaced the Back Flow Valve with a New one which was straight forward enough. But we took things a step further and recommended a Master Valve in between the Back Flow Valve and the water meter.  With the installation of an in line drain as well, this allowed the back flow valve to drain water automatically and not have water inside it to freeze in the future.   Each time the Sprinkler System would run, The back flow valve would drain automatically after the watering was complete.

Back Flow Valve Installation in Lawton

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been solving these types of problems since 1993.  We service all of Central and Western Oklahoma.





Sprinkler Repair is an ongoing issue for any sprinkler system.  Folks in Central Oklahoma are turning on their Sprinkler Systems and discovering problems.    We fixed several leaks in a Sprinkler System in Edmond.  The sprinkler pipes were leaking in several places.  Each leak had to be cut out and replaced.  The Sprinkler System was fairly new.  It was installed last summer by a Pool Company that also installs cheap sprinkler systems. All the joints in the sprinkler pipes were glued together with clear PVC Cement.  That part is OK, But they cut some corners and didn’t use PVC Primer with the glue.  As a result the joints didn’t bond very well and many of them blew apart this spring when the sprinkler systems was turned on.  (Thus all the leaks)  I suspect we will have to go back several times to fix additional leaks.  We can only warranty the PVC joints that we have replaced.   Cheaper isn’t always better.

Broken Sprinkler Head took about an hour to fix.

Today we did a sprinkler repair in Norman.  The sprinkler system needed a checkup.  We went through each sprinkler zone and identified several different problems.  Zone 2 had a cracked sprinkler pipe in a flower bed.  Zone 4 had a broken sprinkler rotor on the edge of the driveway that had been driven over and broken.  Zone 6 and 7 each had a couple of pop-up spray heads that were worn out and would not pop-up.  The diagnosis and the Sprinkler Repair took less than two hours.  Now their  sprinkler system is running great!



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