French Drain Installation is what we do!  OKLAHOMA DRAINAGE AND SPRINKLER REPAIR has been installing Drainage Systems in Central Oklahoma for over twenty years.  We solve all types of Drainage Problems for residential and commercial customers.

Recently we installed a Drainage System in Moore.  Our customer had a new home.  Originally their home was destroyed in Moore‘s last tornado.  Every time it rains their back yard turns into a pond.


Drain Pipe running from French Drain to the street in Moore

WE installed a 6 inch French Drain in the back yard and connected the gutter down-spouts into the French Drain.  From that point we ran ADS solid Drain Pipe all the way to the street.  At that point the curb was cut and a Curb Outlet was installed with acrylic concrete.  The French Drain did the trick.  Drainage Problem solved.

Some Drainage Systems are complex and incorporate several types of drains.  Most Drainage Systems , however are basic and require just one type of DrainOklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair installs a variety of drains to solve a variety of problems. French Drains, Surface Drains, and Channel Drains are most commonly used.  If you live in Edmond and need a Channel Drain installed across your driveway, or if you live in Norman and need a French Drain in your backyard, or if you live in Oklahoma City and need a Surface drain installed next to your sidewalk, we can help.

Channel Drain Installed by CMG In Yukon

Channel Drain Installed In Yukon

Channel Drains are one kind of Surface Drain that we install in concrete.


Installing a Curb Outlet for a French Drain

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