Oklahoma City French Drain, Sprinkler and Lawn Irrigation

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Drainage System, Drainage Systems, french drain, French Drain Contractor
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Many people ask us what the rocks in a French Drain are for?


The small rocks on the trench in the picture serve many purposes for the french drain. First and foremost they collect surface water and allow it to flow into the drain pipe. A secondary purpose the rocks serve are they act as a filter for the pipe and keep any form of dirt or debris from clogging the pipe and reducing the effectiveness of the drain.  Third, the rocks maintain the integrity of the drainage trench, keeping the surrounding dirt from collapsing  onto the perforated pipe.

The Drain Pipe used by CMG consists of:

1.   ADS Perforated with Soc Drain Pipe,            2.  ADS Solid Drain Pipe,           3.   Sewer and Drain Drain Pipe,           4.    PVC 40 schedule used as Drain Pipe,           5.   200 Class PVC used as Drain Pipe.

Using a variety of Drain Pipe and Drains allow us to address Drainage Problems that range from simple to complex and from standard to unique.

Installing Gravel on top of a 6 inch French Drain

Installing Gravel on top of a 6 inch French Drain


This is an example of the drain pipe used in our drainage systems. In this picture we used the perforated ads drain pipe. It is covered by a black sock to help keep dirt out of the Drainage  System. It was connected on two sides by what we call a “T” to allow a gutter downspout to be connected into the Drainage  System. You can also see at the top of the picture what the final product looked like when the system is covered by the small pieces of limestone.


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