French Drain Installation In Downtown Oklahoma City

French Drain

A little bit North of Downtown Oklahoma City CMG installed a 6 inch French Drain between two businesses which were less than three feet apart.  The French Drain went between a Law Firm and a Tire shop.  Water was leaking through the walls of both businesses.  Gutters between the two establishments were dumping a huge amount of water.  CMG installed a 6 inch French Drain between the two.

French Drain connected to gutter

It took a long time to get the dirt out of the trench for the French Drain.  It was a very tight fit.  We had to use a little red wagon to haul out the dirt for the French Drain and haul back in the crushed limestone for the French Drain.  It looked a little silly, but it was the only thing we could find that was narrow enough to fit between the buildings.  A French Drain that normally would take 1 day to install took three.

Curb Outlet for French Drain

The French Drain had a Double Exit Point.  This means that once water entered the French Drain Pipe, it could run South to the street or it could run North to the alley.  To exit points greatly increases the water capacity for any French Drain.

Along the course of the French Drain, we connected two large gutters directly into the Drain Pipe.

Once in place, the French Drain eliminated all the water that was leaking into the two buildings.

Drainage Problem Solved!

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