French Drain Installation in Nichols Hills

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CMG Sprinklers and Drains Recently installed a Drainage System in Nichols Hills.  The Drainage System was made up of a 4 inch French Drain starting in the back yard.  It ran between the garage and the pool.  Several gutters were connected directly into the French Drain.  From this point, we expanded up to a larger 6 inch Drain pipe to handle the added water into the system from the gutters.  In several places the French Drain had to run through areas where Sprinkler Pipes were in the way.  We had to re-rout all the Sprinkler Pipes and Wires under the French Drain.

Once the Sprinkler System had been redesigned and the gutters had been connected, CMG ran the 6 inch Drain Pipe from the end of the French Drain, around the house to release through the curb.  We cut the curb and installed a 6 inch curb fitting with acrylic concrete.  A few days later a major thunderstorm poured down on the property.  The French Drain and the Drainage System Worked Perfectly.

Pipe running to street form French Drain in  back yard.

Pipe running to street form French Drain in back yard.

If you live in Nichols Hills and need a French Drain, or if you live in Oklahoma City and have water standing on your driveway, or if your back yard turns into a moat ever time it rains, give CMG a call

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