French Drain Installation inside a Rest Home in Norman Oklahoma

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Edmond Oklahoma French Drain, french drain, French Drain Contractor
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Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair is installing a French Drain inside a Nursing home in Norman Oklahoma.  The French Drain actually was in an interior court yard.  All the dirt removal for 200 foot 4 inch French Drain had to be done down the main hall of the Rest Home.    We had to go in and out of several secured doors several hundred times with wheel barrows of dirt coming out and crushed limestone going in.  The staff was very helpful, but it got very taxing for everyone.  The Senior Citizens seemed to enjoy all the commotion.

Perforated French Drain Pipe with soc

Perforated French Drain Pipe with soc

The French Drain inside the courtyard was designed to eliminate standing water and sub-surface water that was standing in low grassy areas.  Mold was starting to occur and moss was growing in several places.  The French Drain removed the standing water immediately and the soggy ground started to firm up.  The French Drain will remove a lot of under ground water in the next 24 hours and firm up the ground even more.


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