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Hard rain and flooding seem to be more common all the time.  When I started this business in 1993, having over an inch of rainfall in an hour was pretty extreme.  Now having over 4 inch an hour rainfall is not unheard of and is becoming more common.

Protecting our homes and businesses from unwanted water should be a goal for all of us.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has seen and dealt with virtually every possible Drainage and Standing water problem that can occur in or around your home.  With over 2000 Drainage Systems installed since 1993, we have amassed a great deal of experience.  This is help full in seeing underlying problems and secondary issues that may be hard to see at first for the ” Untrained Eye.”  This allows us to get things right the first time.  In this business EXPERIENCE TRULY COUNTS!

Hiring your brother in law to put in your Drainage System or French Drain is as bad as hiring a Lawn mowing company that does landscaping and drains too?  Water can cause a huge amount of damage.  How important is your money and your home?

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Is this your yard?

This is a great place for a French Drain

Installing French Drain under sidewalk

Installing French Drain under sidewalk

French Drain Installation this week was a little more difficult than normal.  Many times the route that a Perforated French Drain Pipe must travel to its exit point is not very easy from an installation point of view.  French Drains may have to travel through tree roots, (big ones) under sidewalks, through retaining walls, around swing sets or dog kennels or Mom’s Prize Rose Bush.  The 4 inch French Drain we installed this week was in Oklahoma City south of 23rd in an old part of town where all the houses were old 2 or 3 story homes with lots of huge Elm Trees.  The Elm Tree in Question actually was just an old stump that had been topped out but not completely removed.  They left the roots just for us!  The roots were growing into the homes foundation and were right in the way of the path of the French Drain.  Forty feet of solid Elm Roots and 4 chain-saw blades later We were successful in running a new French Drain through a tree stump.  Yuck! “Well you gotta  do what you gotta do!”



French Drain with colored river rock

French Drain with colored river rock

A little info about French Drain Pipe and Tree Roots.  Normally tree roots don’t seek out and penetrate French Drain Pipe.  Tree roots seek moisture and residual water that may stay inside Solid Drain Pipe.  French Drain Pipe is perforated.  Water that does not reach the exit point of the French Drain will seep out of the Pipe into the surrounding dirt.  Solid Drain Pipe that is used with Surface Drains can be penetrated and eventually clogged by roots if the pipe does not have good slope or “Fall”.  If the solid pipe does not drain well and has residual water, tree roots will seek it out.



  1. […] Simply put, a Drainage System is one or a group of underground Drain Pipes that take water away from a place that has water standing on it or flowing across it.  The water that is in the problem area, can be causing damage or may be inconvenient or both.  (Usually Both)  A simple Drainage System is a Drain for the water to enter, a Drain Pipe to move the water away from the Drain, and an Exit Point for the water to be released out of the Drain Pipe. […]

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