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In 21 years, CMG has installed a lot of drains in a lot of places.  Here is a little information about one of them.

We installed a Double – 6 inch French Drain in Chickasha.  This solved an interesting drainage problem.  During heavy rain, high water would rush down the driveway which was on a steep hill, make a turn and run directly into the garage.  During a very heavy rain in 2007, the garage door was ripped off and the back wall of the garage was taken out.  Our job was to intercept the water before it could get to the driveway.  Installing a double-six inch French Drain on the high side of the driveway did the trick.  Since 2007 no water has gotten into their garage.

Cutting The Curb and Installing Curb Fitting for French Drain

Cutting The Curb and Installing Curb Fitting for French Drain

Oh, I almost forgot, a “Six Inch French Drain” uses the largest size Drain Pipe that we use when installing a French Drain.  A” Double Six Inch French Drain” is two Six Inch French Drains side-by-side.

The picture below is a single Six Inch French Drain that keeps standing water away from from a foundation in Norman.

Large 6 Inch French Drain Installed in Norman

Large 6 Inch French Drain Installed in Norman

CMG Sprinklers and Drains –  In business since 1993.

You might need:

( A French Drain along the side of your  house to protect the foundation)

(A Surface Drain in the middle of your driveway)

(A Channel Drain in your sidewalk)

(A Sump Pump in the floor of your basement)

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