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Recently we installed a French Drain inside the court yard of a rest home in Norman.  We had several interesting challenges to overcome that were not typical for a French Drain Installation.  The court yard was in the center of the home and was a secure area for the patrons.  We had to put down painters tarps to run our wheel barrows over.  We took out 44 loads of dirt and brought in 52 loads of Crushed one inch lime stone for the French Drain.  Each trip was over a hundred yards from the trailer in the parking lot, in the front door, down the hall, making two turns along the way.  Each time we had to be escorted by security.  Needless to say, the installation of this particular drainage system took a while.In the above picture, the French Drain runs along the low area crossing all the areas where water would stand each time it rained.

French Drain in Rest Home Courtyard

When a French Drain is installed, a big mistake that is made by many people is to cover up the gravel with dirt.  This is a big mistake.  Basically it is ” Putting the cork back in the bottle.”  If the French Drain is in full sun and has a type of grass surrounding it that spreads on its own such a ” Tift” or “Bermuda” , Grass will grow over it and the French Drain will eventually disappear.  Grass covering a French Drain is a good thing if it grows across the drain without adding dirt.  The Grass thatch acts a water filter preventing clogging and extending the life of the Drainage System.

When a French Drain is in Full Shade, or the surrounding grass will not spread on its own, such as with Fescue,  other steps must be taken.  One option is to just leave it alone.  If you don’t mind how it looks, it will drain a large amount of water for many years.  Many times a French Drain can be a landscaping focal point.  They can be dressed up with all kinds of Rocks and Stones and Plants.

French Drains can be decorated with many types of stone





Drainage System Installation in Oklahoma City



Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair


In the past 26 years, we have installed many types of drains in a wide variety of places.


French Drains Installed: 1.   in back yards

2.   along foundations of houses

3.   under houses

4.   in flowerbeds

5.   behind retaining walls

6.   under pool decks

7.   along the side of driveways

8.   between commercial buildings

9.   on the edge of tennis and basketball courts

10.  in front yards

Surface Drains Installed 1.  in back yards

2.   in basements with sump/pumps

3.   in driveways set in cement

4.   in flowerbeds

5.   in pool decks set in cement

6.   in sidewalks set in cement

7.   along the sides of houses

8.   in front yards


Since 1993 we have gained a lot of experience addressing drainage problems Drainage problems can be complicated.  The solution is not always clear to the untrained eye. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has redone or overhauled many drainage systems that were installed by, “weekend warriors, a brother-in-law, or a landscaping company that also installs drains.”  They all can install Drainage Systems, Just not very well.  We have over 26 years of experience Diagnosing Drainage Problems.  This ensures that a Drainage System that we install won’t have Drain Pipes that are too small, or Surface Drains installed where French Drains Should be placed, or Exit Points that allow water to Stand and become stagnant.  The above examples are just three of many “Pit – Falls” that our experienced Drainage System Experts can easily avoid.


We take into account many things when performing a ,” Drainage Diagnostic.”


We consider how many sources are providing water to the problem.  Usually there are more than one.


We consider the type of soil on the property.  A French Drain in a sandy yard is installed differently than one in a yard with a clay base.


We consider how many exit points are available and will install at least two when possible.



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  2. […] second type of Exit Point for a French Drain is a “Curb Fitting.”  The Curb Fitting is installed through the curb going out into the street.  The French Drain Pipe runs to the Curb.  […]

  3. […] second type of Exit Point for a French Drain is a “Curb Fitting.”  The Curb Fitting is installed through the curb going out into the street.  The French Drain Pipe runs to the Curb.  […]

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