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Posted: November 1, 2013 in Drainage Problems, Drainage System, french drain, sprinklers
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Rain has come back to Central Oklahoma this Spring.  Storm water run-off has done a lot of damage to homes and business around the state.  CMG has installed more Drainage Systems than ever before.  Recently we installed a large French Drain System for a home in North Edmond.  Their gutters were dumping a huge amount of water into the flower beds.  Once in the flower beds, the water traveled down into the foundation and filled up the air conditioner vents.  CMG installed a large French Drain with 6 inch perforated pipe.  The gutter down spouts were removed and the gutters were run straight into the French Drain Pipe.

Gutter connected straight into French Drain System

Gutter connected straight into French Drain System

CMG installs a wide variety of drains to solve a wide variety of Drainage Problems. If you need a Channel Drain installed across a sidewalk, We can help. If water is seeping into your foundation, A French Drain could solve the problem. If water is standing in a low spot in your backyard, a Surface Drain will be a good addition.

Drainage Problems are common with many homes in Oklahoma.  Storm-water run-off can cause damage to foundations, driveways, and sidewalks.  It can also ruin expensive plants and trees and yards.

Large 6 Inch French Drain Installed in Norman

Large 6 Inch French Drain Installed in Norman

For the past few weeks CMG Sprinklers and Drains has been working in Norman.  We installed 3 Residential Lawn Sprinkler Systems in the same neighborhood on the east side.  Next week we are moving up to Central Oklahoma City for a large Sprinkler Repair.   A home owner had most of their Sprinkler System ripped out of their back yard with a back-hoe while installing a new swimming pool.  CMG will put their Sprinkler System back together and will make adjustments for the new yard dimensions which will require different Sprinkler Heads in different places.  We term this type of Sprinkler System job as a, ” Pool – Sprinkler System Make-Over.”  It takes many years of experience to fix a Sprinkler System that is in a big pile in someone’s back yard.

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