Sprinkler System Repair in Oklahoma City – Emergency Sprinkler Repair –

Posted: February 23, 2013 in sprinkler repair
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This week Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair overhauled a flowerbed Sprinkler Zone in a Sprinkler System in East Norman.  The homeowner had an existing Sprinkler System that was in good shape for the most part, but had problems with the flowerbed Sprinkler Zone.  It had a Drip Sprinkler Zone installed.  The Drip Sprinkler System was installed correctly but was not practical for the flower bed.  The flowerbed was very sandy and could not retain water very well even with good mulch.  Plus the surrounding brick walls increased the amount of heat the plants had to endure in the summer.  The Drip Sprinkler Zone could not provide enough water fast enough for the plants.

Replacing Sprinkler Valve in Oklahoma City

Replacing Sprinkler Valve in Oklahoma City

We provide:

1.  Sprinkler Valve Problems

2.  Sprinkler Wiring Problems

3.  Sprinkler Controller Problems / Sprinkler Clock Problems

4.  Sprinkler Head Problems

5.  Sprinkler Pipe Problems

6.  Sprinkler Coverage Problems

7.  Sprinkler Redesign Problems for new fences or swimming pools.


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