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Posted: July 24, 2011 in edmond sprinkler repair, sprinkler repair
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Sprinkler Repair, Yukon Oklahoma.  Recently Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair had a call from a lady in Yukon.  She had water leaking out of the ground near her front sidewalk when her sprinkler system ran.  Actually it was shooting up in the air.  Soil and debris was running across the yard and down the street.  The bottom of the sprinkler pipe had broken along with the sprinkler head that connected to it.  It was in a tough spot to get to but we were successful in completing the sprinkler repair.


When it gets cold, above ground “Back Flow Valves” can have trouble.   An above ground Back Flow Valve is required to meet code for all Cities in Central Oklahoma.  Unfortunately they freeze and bust very easily.  They are actually designed to break on top when it gets cold.  Water goes everywhere.  If you have a broken back flow valve in the middle of the night, or on a weekend, Give us a Call.  Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing solutions for Back Flow Valves since 1993.

If you don’t have an emergency, but would like to make changes to your Sprinkler System, So it won’t freeze and break in the first place, we would be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you.

Above Ground Back-Flow Valves Often Freeze and Leak in the Winter!

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair also provides all other aspects of Residential Sprinkler Repair.  If you need Sprinkler Heads moved or are having trouble with your Sprinkler Valves, Give us a call.  Sprinkler Controllers or leaking pipes are no trouble either.






Over 20 years of keeping water away from foundationsKeeping water off of driveways, and Keeping Water  from standing on sidewalks every time it rains.  Our Drainage Systems utilize:  French Drains — 3 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch

Surface Drains, 4 inch, 6 inch, and 12 inch

Channel Drains, 2 inch, and 4 inch

Sump Pumps 3/4 horse to two horse

Servicing Central Oklahoma including: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Newcastle, Midwest City, Del City, Moore, Blanchard, Choctaw, and all surrounding areas.

Connecting Gutter into French Drain

Connecting Gutter into French Drain


What a hot summer!  Is your yard suffering because your Sprinkler System is not working correctly? Or even worse, are you without a Sprinkler System at all!  Are you spending endless hours dragging hoses around trying to keep your yard green. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can help with  Repair of an existing Sprinkler System.

Drainage System installation and design is also a big part of our business.  Does your sidewalk turn into a moat after a hard rain?  Does part of your yard look like a pond after a thunderstorm?  Worst of all, are you experiencing concrete deterioration to your foundation, sidewalk, or driveway.  CMG can design a drainage system to solve your drainage problems.  Our drainage systems can be simple or complex.  We utilize French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, Basin Drains, Basement Drains, Trench Drains, and Sump Pumps.  Estimates are free.

Servicing Central Oklahoma including: Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Edmond, Mustang, Yukon, Purcell, Newcastle, Blanchard, Midwest City, Del City.


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4 Inch Drain Pipe Ready to be covered with dirt in Norman.
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