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Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair – 405 203 9419

Since 1993 we have provided Expert Sprinkler Repair – If you have Sprinkler Heads that need to be moved, Replaced, or Adjusted, give us a call.

We have vast experience dealing with any possible sprinkler valve problem or adjustment.  Whether your Valves are Rain Bird, Hunter, Or Toro.

Sprinkler Valves can have all types of problems.  The below picture shows valves that were not installed inside a valve box.  They stopped working and had to be replaced.



New Sprinkler Valves installed in Norman

Servicing All of Central Oklahoma.  Just like our homes or cars, our Lawn Sprinkler Systems need Maintenance and Repair from time to time.  Some times Sprinkler Systems need a small repair such as fixing a Broken Sprinkler Head or reprogramming a Sprinkler Controller.  Other instances require a major overhaul such as adding a sprinkler zoneor taking one out.  We  can help with small Sprinkler Repairs or Major Sprinkler System overhauls.  Servicing Central Oklahoma including:  Norman, Moore, Midwest City, Del City, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Mustang, Yukon, Purcell, Blanchard, Newcastle and all surrounding areas.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair is one of our business focuses.   We can help with:

1.  Sprinkler Controller Problems

2.  Leaking Back-Flow Valves

3.  Leaking Pipes

4.  Shorted or disconnected valve wires

5.  Sprinkler Zones or Sprinkler Stations that won’t work

6.  Broken Sprinkler Heads

This Back Flow Valve has a large leak

The above are the most common problems that we deal with.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair- can help if you need to re-design your sprinkler system.  If for example you are adding a swimming pool in your back yard, we can move the sprinkler heads and sprinkler pipes to fit the new dimensions of your yard.  We can redesign or add-on to sprinkler systems where the home owners needs change.




Lawn Irrigation Systems require maintenance from time to time.  All types of Sprinkler Repair become necessary.    Sprinkler heads break for several reasons.  Dogs chew up Sprinkler Heads.  Tree roots twist and break Sprinkler heads.  Cars run over and break Sprinkler Heads.  Weed Eaters cut the tops off Sprinkler Heads.  If you have a Sprinkler Head that is not performing perfectly, We can help.

Sprinkler Valves can have trouble too.  The Sprinkler Valve Wiring becomes disconnected or shorts out.  Tree Roots can stretch or break the Sprinkler WiresSprinkler Valves can start leaking over time. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can solve Sprinkler Valve problems of all types.

The Sprinkler Valves that you see above are a mess.  They were leaking and weren’t working correctly.  We replaced the above Sprinkler Valves with the ones you see below.

These two types of Sprinkler Heads should not be in the same Sprinkler Zone Together.  The reason is that they water at different rates.  The Pop-Up Sprinkler Head is a Continuous Spray Head.  It does not move or rotate.  It covers a small area and puts a lot of water down fast.  The Rotor Sprinkler Heads cover a much larger area and spray back and forth from left to right.  They take a greater amount of time to completely water their designed area.  If Pop-Ups and Rotor Sprinkler Heads are put in the same zone together and run at the same time, by the time the Rotor Sprinkler Heads are finished,  the area covered by the Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads will be Flooded.  This can kill whatever the Pop-Up Sprinkler Head is intended to water.


Many times ” Fly – By – Night Sprinkler Companies”  or, ” DIY Home owners who don’t know any better,” Put Rotor Sprinkler Heads and Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads in the same zone.


Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair is expanding its service to include Altus and Lawton and all surrounding Western Oklahoma.  We still also service all of Central Oklahoma Including Oklahoma City, Norman, and Edmond.

If you have any problem with your Residential Sprinkler System, Give Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair a call.

405 203 9419

Recently we fixed a sprinkler system that was poorly installed.

  The Sprinkler System Company that installed it didn’t know what they were doing.  There was no Master Valve installed in the Sprinkler System.  As a result, The Sprinkler Pipe between the water meter and the Sprinkler Valves stayed pressurized all the time.  This is bad during a cold snap in Oklahoma.  If a Master Valve and In-Line Pipe Drains had been installed originally, there would be no broken pipes when it got too cold.    The Sprinkler Pipes would drain automatically.




Rotor Sprinkler Head

If you live in Purcell and have a broken Sprinkler Head, or if you live in Edmond and would like a French Drain Installed, or if you live in Norman and would like a New Lawn Irrigation System Installed contact us.




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