Another Storm is headed our way.  It looks like a WET FALL.  Every time it rains, Do you have water standing in the wrong place?  Even worse!  Do you have water seeping into your home or business?  If you have water standing in your yard, on your sidewalk, or dripping into your basement, CMG can help!  We have been designing Drainage Systems for Homes or Business since 1993.

Today CMG installed a Drain Basin and a Sump Pump in front of a recessed basement door.  Problem solved!  Sept 7 – 2010

We can deal with a wide variety of Drainage Problems, Specializing in: French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, Trench Drains, Basement Drains, Basing Drains, and Sump Pumps.


When the weather gets too dry, CMG also specializes in Lawn Sprinkler Installation and Sprinkler Repair.
If you already have a Sprinkler System, Check this out!  WIRELESS RAIN / FREEZE SENSOR What is it?  —————————————-  It is a sensor that will turn off you sprinkler system when it is raining or the TEMP is below 37 degrees.  So if your sprinkler system is scheduled to run at 5AM and a thunder-storm is dumping water on your house at 5AM—-  GO BACK TO SLEEP!  THE RAIN / FREEZE SENSOR WILL TURN OFF THE SPRINKLER SYSTEM FOR YOU.  THE SAME THING GOES IF YOU ARE AWAY ON VACATION.  IF IT GETS TOO COLD OR RAINS TOO MUCH WHILE YOUR ARE GONE, NO WORRIES!   THE RAIN SENSOR WILL HANDLE THE SITUATION.

Servicing: Oklahoma City, Norman, More, Edmond, Midwest City, Del City, Yukon, Mustang, Blanchard, Purcell.

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