Repairing a Broken Sprinkler Pipe can be tricky.   In the picture above, a Sprinkler Pipe had been punctured with a landscaping stake.  The Pipe was in a group of pipes together.  They had originally been burred in one trench along with the sprinkler valve wires.  Accidentally a landscaper drove a stake into the ground and hit the pipe.  The stake went between the two top pipes and hit the one on the bottom.  Yikes!

The top pipes were fine but the one underneath leaked like crazy.  Had it been the other way around with the damaged pipe being the one on the top.  The Sprinkler Pipe Repair would have been much easier.  The bad part with the hole would simply been cut out and replaced with a ” Quick Fix” which is a piece of pipe that expands just like a ” Telescope.”  You glue each end and fill the space that was cut out.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been solving Sprinkler Repair problems like this since 1993.  It is this experience that lets us know that a “Quick Fix,” Pipe splice will not work when the pipe is on the bottom of a group of pipes.  It is too hard to expand the Quick Fix, to repair the leak.  It takes a decent amount of force to expand.  In this situation, it is too awkward to install it correctly.  It will leak a little on one end or the other.

Our solution is “Old School.”  We Do a “Box Out,” to repair the broken Pipe.  It is exactly like it sounds.  We cut out the bad pipe and put in New Sprinkler Pipe by running pipe out a few inches, up a few inches, and back to the pipe as shown in the picture above.  This is how broken Sprinkler Pipes were repaired before Quick Fix Splices existed.

Box out Repair

Boxing Out to Repair a Broken Sprinkler Pipe on the Bottom.

Sprinkler Repair can mean a lot of things.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing expert sprinkler repair since 1993 for all of Central and Western Oklahoma.

We provide service for Sprinkler Valves.  If you have a “Loose Bleed Screw” on a Rainbird Valve we can help.  If your solenoid on your Toro Valve is too tight, we have the solution.  If your sprinkler zone isn’t working and you don’t know what kind of valve you have, It’s no problem.


Sprinkler heads are always a focus.  Some customers need them moved.  Others just need their sprinkler heads adjusted.  Many times it is better to just replace the sprinkler head if it can’t be repaired or adjusted.  Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing these services for over 26 years.

different sprinkler heads

A Rotor and a Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler Controllers can have trouble as well.  Loose wires or burnt up modules can be just a couple of the possible problems.  Many times the only problem is that the Sprinkler Controller is not programmed correctly.


When solving Sprinkler Controller Problems, Experience Counts.  There is no substitute for EXPERIENCE!  Again, we have over 26 years of solving Sprinkler Controller Problems.

Finally, we fix leaking pipes.  Sprinkler pipes may leak connected to Sprinkler Valves, underneath Sprinkler Heads or at the Water Main Connection.  Sprinkler Leaks can also occur throughout the Sprinkler System at any Joint or connection.

Finding leaks can be very easy as in the picture above.  Many times the leaks are hard to find however.  You may have a “Pin Hole ” Leak that is very small and extremely hard to find.   This again is an example of Experience saving time and money.

If Sprinkler Heads are a problem, or your sprinkler valves are not working correctly, or if you have a leak anywhere in your Sprinkler System, Give Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair a call.

Sprinkler Repair –

Spring is here!  Do you have a Sprinkler head that does this?



Maybe your Sprinkler Valves look like this!  Yikes!

You might want a Sprinkler Head Moved, Replaced, or adjusted.

Things can look nice when your sprinkler heads spray in the right places.

Sprinkler Heads need lots of attention when you have a sprinkler system.   Sometimes a Sprinkler Head needs to be moved.  Landscaping changes, bad original sprinkler head placement, or you just want to move it.  Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can help.

Sprinkler Heads can Freeze and break in the winter time if your sprinkler runs at a bad time or if In-line sprinkler pipe drains were not installed originally.  Dogs like to chew on them and dig them up. Sprinkler Heads get broken when a car or truck is driven across the yard.  But, the majority of sprinkler head damage is done by weed eaters and lawn mowers.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been fixing broken sprinkler heads since 1993.  If you need a sprinkler head fixed, replaced, adjusted, or moved, we can help.



Sprinkler RepairLeaking Sprinkler Pipes, Broken Sprinkler Heads, Back-Flow Valve Problems, Moving Sprinkler Heads, Adjusting Sprinkler Heads, Sprinkler Wire Problems, Controller Programming Trouble, Sprinkler Valve Problems.  We do it all.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair 405 203 9419


Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair provides Emergency Sprinkler Repair Service, After Hours and Weekends.  405 203 9419

Sprinkler Repair is an ongoing issue for any sprinkler system.  Folks in Central Oklahoma are turning on their Sprinkler Systems and discovering problems.    We fixed several leaks in a Sprinkler System in Edmond.  The sprinkler pipes were leaking in several places.  Each leak had to be cut out and replaced.  The Sprinkler System was fairly new.  It was installed last summer by a Pool Company that also installs cheap sprinkler systems. All the joints in the sprinkler pipes were glued together with clear PVC Cement.  That part is OK, But they cut some corners and didn’t use PVC Primer with the glue.  As a result the joints didn’t bond very well and many of them blew apart this spring when the sprinkler systems was turned on.  (Thus all the leaks)  I suspect we will have to go back several times to fix additional leaks.  We can only warranty the PVC joints that we have replaced.   Cheaper isn’t always better.

Recently we fixed a sprinkler system that was poorly installed.

  The Sprinkler System Company that installed it didn’t know what they were doing.  There was no Master Valve installed in the Sprinkler System.  As a result, The Sprinkler Pipe between the water meter and the Sprinkler Valves stayed pressurized all the time.  This is bad during a cold snap in Oklahoma.  If a Master Valve and In-Line Pipe Drains had been installed originally, there would be no broken pipes when it got too cold.    The Sprinkler Pipes would drain automatically.


Don’t despair! We provide Sprinkler Repair.

OK the rhyme is a little lame but it is no reflection on the quality of service or the level of expertise that we provide.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing Expert Sprinkler Repair since 1993.  During that time we have seen it all and done it all where residential Sprinkler Repair is concerned.

We service all of Central and Western Oklahoma.


Replacing Broken Sprinkler Valve in Norman.

If you need a Sprinkler Head moved, adjusted, repaired or replaced we can handle the job.

If you have any type of problem with your sprinkler valves we can provide the solution.

Sprinkler Controller trouble?  No Problem.  We service all brands and models.


Many times Sprinkler Wires get damaged or cut.  Sprinkler Wiring runs underground from the Sprinkler Valves to the Sprinkler Controller.  Many times the wires become damaged when digging is done in your yard.  Installing new phone lines for example causes cuts in Sprinkler Wire.

If the phone lines are installed during the winter when the Sprinkler System is not being used, you may not realize that you have a problem until the following spring.

Finding cut sprinkler wiring can be very difficult.  This is one area where there is no substitute for experience.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been finding Cut Sprinkler Wires and fixing them since 1993.

Installing in-line drains in a sprinkler system is a service that we also provide.  Many times a sprinkler system has no drains put in when the Sprinkler System is first installed.

We are happy to install them for you.

An in-line sprinkler drain automatically drains all the water out of the Sprinkler Pipes immediately after your sprinkler system runs.  This relieves stress on the pipes and joints and also prevents pipes from freezing and breaking because there is still water in your system from last summer.  SPRINKLER PIPES CAN’T FREEZE IF THERE IS NO WATER IN THEM.


When Installing a Drainage System, What kind of Drain Pipe do you use and what size Drain Pipe Do you need?

For a Drainage System you have 3 Choices of Drain Pipe.  You can use ADS,  Or Sewer and Drain, or Thick Walled Pvc Pipe.

ADS is Black and Flexible.  It is used in a majority of Drainage Systems.  It works well and is the easiest to install.


Covering ADS Drain Pipe

ADS is available in 3 inch , 4 inch, and 6 inch for residential and small business Drainage Applications.

Sewer and Drain Pipe is white, green, or grey and is thin walled.  It is used for cheap plumbing applications such as sewer lines.  It is also used for inexpensive Drainage Systems.  A Drainage System using Sewer and Drain Pipe is slightly cheaper than ADS.   It is rigid and harder to install than ADS. It takes more time to install and more digging is required at the joints or connections.  It is very difficult attaching a rigid Drain Pipe to a Curb outlet because the Pipe does not flex at the connection.  The pipe hits the curb outlet at a downward angle and does line up straight with the connection.  Many Drain Installation Companies use a piece of ADS on the end of the Sewer and Drain pipe and then connect it to the curb outlet.  Many times there is no other way to connect them depending on your downward slope.


Sewer and Drain

Green or White Sewer and Drain Pipe

Sewer and Drain is brittle after a short amount of time.  You can break it with a hammer.   Tree roots, many times squeeze the pipe and crack it causing it to leak.   It is not a good long term solution for anything.

Old Sewer and Drain Pipe

Old Sewer and Drain Pipe

Thick walled PVC is superior to ADS and Sewer and Drain.  It will last a lifetime.  It won’t crack under normal circumstances.

That being said, It is The most difficult of all to install.  It is not for weekend warriors or your brother-in-law who says he knows what he is doing.  Someone with a lot of experience is needed to install a Thick Walled PVC Drainage System.

SD and 40 schedule

40 Schedule PVC Drain Pipe on the right, Sewer and Drain on the left.

Oh, by the way, 40 Schedule or 200 Class PVC is by far the most expensive.

If money is no object, then absolutely hire an Expert to install a Thick walled PVC System.

There are two types of Thick Walled Pvc Pipe available for Drainage Systems, 40 Schedule and 200 class.

Forty Schedule is always the same thickness at a particular size pipe.

Two Hundred Class gets thicker as the pipe gets bigger.

Forty Schedule is thicker in pipes smaller than 2 inch.

Two hundred Class is thicker in pipes over 2 inch.

Typically 4 inch pipe is most commonly used in a Drainage Systems.  Forty Schedule and 200 Class are both very good in the 4 inch Size.


The size of Drain Pipe you use in your Drainage System is fairly simple.  You can use 3 Inch, 4 Inch, or 6 Inch.  Sometimes 2 inch can be used on a small single drain but it is easily overwhelmed by too much water.

Four Inch, as stated earlier is the most common size used in a Drainage System.

If your system is a Drainage System and not a Flood Prevention System, then 4 Inch Should be fine for most applications.

If your drainage system must handle a lot of water in a hurry and is designed intercept water to protect property then two 4 inch pipes may be needed or one 6 inch Pipe.  It can vary.

In 2015 we installed a Flood Prevention System that had two 6 inch pipes in the same trench.  Our customer never had water in her garage again.

If you can afford larger Drain Pipe or more than one Drain Pipe in the same trench, your Drainage System should do its job well.

If you connect 5 large Surface Drains to one small 3 inch pipe, be prepared for poor performance.  I’ve seen a large French Drain connected to a 3 inch pipe.  The water shot out of the exit point like a cannon and the problem drainage area stayed flooded for a long time.

I try not to use 3 inch at all for a Drainage System and I am very careful not to attach too large or too many drains to 4 inch.

Sprinkler System Repair – We provide service for- Broken Sprinkler Heads — Sprinkler Controllers — Sprinkler ValvesLeaking Sprinkler Pipes — All Brands

Servicing:  All of Central and Western Oklahoma

Sprinkler Repair is an ongoing issue for any sprinkler system.  Folks in Central Oklahoma are turning on their Sprinkler Systems and discovering problems.    We fixed several leaks in a Sprinkler System in Edmond.  The sprinkler pipes were leaking in several places.  Each leak had to be cut out and replaced.  The Sprinkler System was fairly new.  It was installed last summer by a Pool Company that also installs cheap sprinkler systems. All the joints in the sprinkler pipes were glued together with clear PVC Cement.  That part is OK, But they cut some corners and didn’t use PVC Primer with the glue.  As a result the joints didn’t bond very well and many of them blew apart this spring when the sprinkler systems was turned on.  (Thus all the leaks)  I suspect we will have to go back several times to fix additional leaks.  We can only warranty the PVC joints that we have replaced.   Cheaper isn’t always better.

Mustang Oklahoma Sprinkler Repair

Recently we had a customer in Mustang who needed a wiring problem solved for their sprinkler controller.  Several of the sprinkler zones were not working.  We had to trace the sprinkler wires in the yard till we found the problem.  Tracing sprinkler wire is a very difficult Sprinkler Repair to complete.  The Sprinkler Wire is burred which makes the wiring problem hard to find.  It took us a while but we found the problem.  The customer had cable installed and the cable company cut the sprinkler wires.


Controller install

Sprinkler Controller Installation

Sprinkler Controller in Mustang 




 If your Sprinkler System has:

1. Broken Sprinkler Heads

2. Leaking Sprinkler Valves

3. Broken Back-Flow Valve

4. Broken Sprinkler Pipes

5.  Defective Sprinkler Clock or Controller

Lawn Irrigation Systems require maintenance from time to time.  All types of Sprinkler Repair become necessary.    Sprinkler heads break for several reasons.  Dogs chew up Sprinkler Heads.  Tree roots twist and break Sprinkler heads.  Cars run over and break Sprinkler Heads.  Weed Eaters cut the tops off Sprinkler Heads.  If you have a Sprinkler Head that is not performing perfectly, We can help.

Sprinkler Valves can have trouble too.  The Sprinkler Valve Wiring becomes disconnected or shorts out.  Tree Roots can stretch or break the Sprinkler WiresSprinkler Valves can start leaking over time. Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can solve Sprinkler Valve problems of all types.

The Sprinkler Valves that you see above are a mess.  They were leaking and weren’t working correctly.  We replaced the above Sprinkler Valves with the ones you see below.

New Sprinkler Valves installed in Norman

New Sprinkler Valves replacing the old ones shown above.

French Drains and all types of Drainage Systems involves digging Drainage Trenches and Installing Drain Pipes.  One issue that must be addressed is Slope or Fall” of the of the Drain Pipe in the Drainage Trench.   The Drain Pipe must run downhill to the exit point to move the water away from the problem area.

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drain trench

Drainage Trench Running Downhill

In many cases slope is easy to determine if the distance from the drain to the exit is obliviously down hill.   The trouble is installing a French Drain or a Drainage System where the drain pipe is not always on a pronounced slope.  A slight slope can be hard to see. If the ground looks level then the water won’t flow very quickly, If at all.  If the entrance drain is slightly higher than the exit, say only a few inches, then the water will flow across level ground to the exit point.  Problem is, the water will move very slowly as long as water is still coming into the French Drain.  It pushes the water in front of it out of the exit very slowly.  Movement will stop when water stops coming into the Drain.  It will stay in the pipe and just sit there till the next time it rains.

If you are Installing a Drainage System across level ground, it will never drain very well.

If you are not sure if a Drainage System is possible because there might not be enough Slope,  there is a simple test you can run.  This test takes a good bit of digging.

Start digging the trench where the drain pipe will run.   Lets say for example that its about 60 feet.  Start digging where the drain will be.  Typically a 4 inch drain pipe will need to be installed in a trench 8 to 16 inches deep, depending on your needs.  Dig about 10 feet from where the drain will be toward the exit point.  Once you have dug a trench at least 8 inches deep, and about 10 feet long toward the exit,  Take a hose and place it in the trench where the drain will be installed. There should not be pipe in the trench at this time, just the empty trench.

Turn on the hose so a small amount of water is coming out.  The water will start to flow down the trench from where the drain will be, toward the exit.  Again there is no drain pipe in the trench.

trench water test

Water test for a Drain Pipe

Watch the water as it flows down the Drainage Trench.   In some areas it will flow quickly which is good.  Look for areas where water flows more slowly and begins to pool.  Once this occurs, turn off the hose and get your shovel.  With water still in the trench, dig downhill from the pooling spot.  Remove the dirt that is slowing the waters flow toward the exit.  Repeat this process until you have reached the exit point of the Drainage System.

This may seem like a lot of unnecessary work.  Believe me it is worth it.  Once the water flows at a fairly steady rate all the way to the exit, you have ” Set the Flow of the Drain.”

This process is called “Setting The flow.”

There are benefits to taking this process seriously.

First it will tell you if the flow is even possible for the Drainage System that you want to install.  If you can’t get the water to flow to the Exit Point Cover up your Drainage Trench and Consider Other Options because this particular Drainage Design will not work.  If you can redesign your system by moving your drain pipe or your exit point, then do so.  A Sump Pump may be your only option if moving the drain pipe or the exit does not improve things.   Sump Pumps will be covered in a future blog.

Second, If you were successful in setting the flow, then you will roughly know how fast the water will flow in your Drainage System.  It will give you a “Worse Case Scenario” for your Drain’s Performance.

Water will always flow better and faster and more efficiently in a Drain Pipe, than in a trench.

If the water is flowing pretty good in the Drainage Trench without a Drain Pipe in it yet, then it will flow even better once the Drain Pipe is installed.

This process is much better than blindly digging a drainage trench and installing a Drainage System.  It will keep you from installing something that doesn’t work!

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Sprinkler RepairSprinkler Head Repair

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair – Providing Expert Sprinkler Repair since 1993.

Emergency Sprinkler Repair – After Hours – Weekends

Drainage Systems and French Drain Installation

Servicing all of Central and Western Oklahoma

Lets face it.  Lots of things can go wrong with a Sprinkler Head.  Lawn mower and weed eater damage are the two most common causes of Sprinkler Head Problems.  They can also be crushed when some one drives a car across your yard.  I’ve even seen dogs chew the tops off of Sprinkler Heads.  These are just a few of the reasons for Sprinkler Repair.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair can Replace Damaged Sprinkler heads.


Many times Sprinkler Heads don’t Spray in the correct location.  We had a customer in Lawton who had a Rotor Sprinkler Head that spent most of its time spraying into the swimming pool.  Yikes!

Another customer had a fire start from a sprinkler head spraying directly into an old outdoor electrical outlet.

The point is, many folks have trouble adjusting sprinkler heads properly.  RainBird, Toro, and Hunter Sprinkler Heads all adjust differently.

We provide expert sprinkler head adjustment for all brands of sprinkler heads.  Some brands of Sprinkler Heads have more to offer than others.  Many home owners have one brand in their flower beds and another brand in the yard.

Maybe your Sprinkler Head isn’t broken or out of adjustment.  It may just need to be moved to a better position.  Sprinkler Heads being in the wrong place is very common.  Some times the sprinkler company that installed them just didn’t put one or several Sprinkler Heads in the best and most productive places.  Your yard may change and you need to move Sprinkler Heads.  Adding a swimming pool or expanding a driveway are two common reasons to move Sprinkler Heads.

rain bird rotor

Installing new rotor sprinkler head

Since 1993, Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been Replacing, Adjusting, and Moving Sprinkler heads.  Over the years, we have provided expert service for countless thousands of Sprinkler Heads.


Moving Sprinkler Valves

Recently we had a Sprinkler Repair Customer in Oklahoma City,  He was wanting to have his landscape company install a new tree in his flowerbed.  The problem was that his Sprinkler Valves were right where he wanted to plant the tree.  The addition problem was that he had several Sprinkler Valves tightly grouped together so they could not be moved individually.  The landscaping company had dug around the valves in an attempt to move them.  It turned into a real mess.  They cracked a pipe in the process and water and dirt mixed to make mud.  Which then was allowed to dry around the valves.  What a mess!

The only option was to replace the Sprinkler Valves and at the same time move them to a new location.

First we had to put together the new valves in a tight setting so they could fit in the new valve box that we would Install the Sprinkler Valves in.

Take a look at the picture above.  You may notice that for some strange reason we left the Sprinkler Valves sitting up on there side.  Actually there is a very important reason to do this.  Once the Sprinkler Valves are glued together with “Hot” Glue,  if the group of valves is just laid flat to dry, you will have a big problem.  The excess glue in the pipes will run up inside the valve and cause damage to the Sprinkler Valve.  When putting fittings on a Sprinkler Valve they must be placed so that excess glue will run away from the valve.

The Sprinkler Valves can have all kinds of problems and may not work at all form the beginning.  Since 1993 I have cut out and replaced literally thousands of Sprinkler Valves that had glue up inside them.  Many “Fly By Night” landscaping companies that also work on Sprinkler Systems make this mistake constantly.  I have even seen experienced Sprinkler Repair Companies make this mistake as well.  They get in a hurry and make mistakes.  They should know better.

After assembling the Sprinkler Valves and moving them to a new location out of the flowerbed, we tested the Sprinkler Valves thoroughly.

Now our Sprinkler Repair customer has a new tree in his flowerbed.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has been providing Expert Sprinkler Repair since 1993.  We service all of Central and Western Oklahoma.


 Sprinkler RepairSprinkler ValvesSprinkler HeadsLeaking Pipes – Everything you might need repaired or adjusted with your sprinkler system.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair – On the Job since 1993 – Servicing Western and Central Oklahoma

Frost Free faucet

Frost Free Faucet connected to Sprinkler Feed Line


Water Line Connections can be a trouble spot for Sprinkler Systems.  Water Line Sprinkler Repair is a focus for Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair.  It is very common to have a continuous leak at the connection where the water line connects into the sprinkler system.  This connection takes a lot of stress every time the sprinkler system turns on or off.  It Is called, ” Water Hammer.”  It can cause pipes to crack or break resulting in major Sprinkler Leaks.

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair provides the necessary experience and “Know How,” to ensure that the water line connection will last and won’t break or leak in the middle of the night.

If you have sprinkler valves that look like this,  Your sprinkler system won’t work well, if at all.

Sprinkler Valve Installation takes “Experience” and “Know How”.  Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair has installed thousands of new sprinkler valves.

two new valves

New Sprinkler Valves Installed in Edmond

We install the three main brands of Sprinkler Valves.  We can provide new Rainbird, Hunter, or Toro Sprinkler Valves.  Other brands of Sprinkler Valves are also available.

The Above picture shows new valves installed in Edmond, where the old bunch of Sprinkler Valves were cut out and replaced with new ones.  Sprinkler Valves should never be installed very closely together unless that is your only option.  The reason is that they are very hard to fix and replace.  If you have 4 Sprinkler Valves very closely connected then if one goes bad you have to cut out all 4 and replace them all.  Its a lot of waste.  If the valves are separated then replacement and repair is very easy.